Way Early

Arose at the crack of dawn today. . .well, actually before-hand seeing as the sun has yet to rise.

Our plane doesn’t leave till after dinner (supper / evening meal).

And, I’m currently petrified about all the things I may have forgotten.  I’ve repacked my bag 3 times.  Partly to show off my clothes, and partly to assure myself I’ve gotten everything I need.

Mikhail had another bad dream last night and slept in bed with us, so I had to tuck him back in his own bed when I got up.  I suspect he will become a regular with Jay while I’m away.  He’s the only child thus far to say he’ll miss me. I know the others will as they keep saying things along the lines of “What are we going to eat?”.  Their “love language” is food, and PLENTY of it.  Drew even asked if I would have access to email. . .

I have school schedules for the older two that I still need to print out today. . . copy some algebra tests for Tyler. . .school with the little guys. . .

Then, I’m off and there’s no point fretting about what didn’t get done.


I am going to miss my guys!


2 comments on “Way Early

  1. Lizardbreath says:

    Have fun…think about your guys often. Take pictures of things you think they would think is interesting, then write down the info on the picture so you can tell them all about it when you get home.
    But most of all, have fun.

  2. se7en says:

    I can’t believe that the day has arrived – I hope you have a fabulous trip. Your guys will be fine!!!

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