Snow Day

There’s so much snow that the school’s are closed, the colleges are closed, and Jay’s post is even closed!

Actually, I think, originally it was more an ice thing than a snow thing, but the snow has just been having a happy time accumulating since then.

My parents left this morning for their 12 hour ride home.  I’m wishing them safe travels.  Grandma is slightly concerned as she fears she may be stuck here with my crazy family her plane may be delayed or cancelled due to weather.

Yesterday, the 3 of us downloaded our cameras and came up with 2,031 photos.  The majority of yesterday was spent deleting over 900 of them (blurry / copies, etc.)  It was actually kind of hard to get rid of some copies — like at the Coliseum we have almost a time-elapse kind of photo deal of this one particular car traveling down the road in the foreground.

I have discovered that the females of this family all heartily believe that we look awful in pictures.  However, we made a deal that we would keep all “family people” in the pictures if at all possible.

Early this a.m. I awoke and got back on the computer and added back all the photos that my MOTHER had deleted of herself.  (You’re welcome, Mom.)  Then, I copied them to a DVD for her to take home.

However, right now I’m trying to order the photos before I create Grandma’s DVD.  (We had them ordered by day, but they were all “time-wonky” throughout that particular day — so I”m trying to put them in a “timely” fashion.)  Oh, and I’m most assuredly getting rid of all the nasty photos of me. . .

My guys are back on the road to recovery.  Tomorrow, I hope to start journaling about my travels.

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