Review 16 Feb 2009

Day at sea.

We hoofed it ~ 2 miles around the ship this a.m.  It was rather chilly though, and quite windy.  Even though Grandma had said she had enough walking from the day prior, she joined us essentially every time we went for a walk thereafter. 

Grandma, Uncle J, Mom and I got on the elevator to meet Daddy for lunch.  The elevator was rather crowded but we fit in.  One of the ladies already aboard looked at Uncle J and asked him how he liked his desserts last night.  Apparently, she had been sitting at a table next to his and was inspired by the fact that he had ordered 3 desserts!  (Now, to be fair to Uncle J, one of those was for Grandma.)  When we got off the elevator Uncle J remarked to us that he could never understand why people seemed to recognize him so quickly and by the quantity of  food he had eaten.

Go figure.

We have 4 restaurants available to us on board “free”.  (Meaning they were part of the cruise price.)  The rest either charge a cover (like $10 / person) or . . .I think they called it a “surcharge”?  (I also think it was more expensive than $10 / person.)  Needless to say, we always ate at one of the 4 freebies.  Our choices were Garden cafe (buffet style), Grand Pacific (dressier), Alizar and Blue Lagoon.

We ate at the Blue Lagoon restaurant for lunch.  Really enjoyed their food.  Tried spinach artichoke dip which was okay.  Also tried potato skins which were terribly dry.  The buffalo wings were superb though!  I had fish & chips (English style) for a main course which was okay.  They came with mushy peas. 😉  BTW: can’t stand those, just put the winky there because that’s what I grew used to in England, which made the whole fish and chips experience more “authentic”.  Went ahead and got a dessert — chocolate blondie which, in the infamous words of Daddy, was “quite tasty”.

The coffee is horrid on this boat.  You may recall my preparation for this event when I started drinking decaf.  Daddy is suffering.  I will say, after all was said and done, that I noticed a great number of people watering down their coffee, about half and half. . .  We asked today and they put a coffee service in our room, so hopefully we’ll have some decent java in the morning.

There are a number of kids (all ages) on this ship — a great number of teenage girls.  Haven’t seen nary a teenage boy though.  Course, I suppose if you were a teenage boy on this ship that would be okey-dokey with you.  There is even a Spanish speaking family on board with 8 kids.  Eight, ornery-no-sense-of-order-or-discipline, kids who think nothing of laying down on the floor in the middle of the restaurant causing the harried waiters to have to step over them. . .


I bought a time plan for internet usage.  I feel so much more comfortable now that I’ve “talked”, via email, to Jay.  Seems like things are going okay on his end.  Mom and I both left the boys money to get food (take-out, restaurant, what-have-you).   Jay said the older boys — especially Tyler — are busy planning its use.

My mouth has been incredibly dry this trip.  I’ve been drinking a lot of water in an attempt to compensate.  This has led to a large number of bathroom runs.  If nothing else, I’m getting my exercise.

We took another 5 or 6 turns around the ship this afternoon.  There’s a sign that say 2 2/3 laps = 1 mile.  Oh, I cannot tell if I’m doing okay due to the puking patches or if I’d have been okay without them yet.  But, even though I still feel the motion, I’m doing quite well.

Dinner was not so good.  There is a shortage of veggies on the menu.

Mom visited the library the 1st night and has a huge, thick book now in her grubby paws.  Generally, she goes through those books mighty quick.  I don’t think she’s made it through 50 pages yet.  We are going off in a bit to watch a show.  The other four had seen a tenor (operatic) singer earlier this evening.

Oh, one other thing.  We passed on island off our starboard side.  Now I know, based on our mapped route that we are supposed to go between Corsica and Sardinia, but I could have sworn the captain said that wouldn’t happen till around 8-ish this evening.  Well, the pictures were taken at around 5 and there was nothing on our port side.  I can’t find a detailed enough map to identify what this island may be. . .

See, Mom and Daddy are walking towards “forward” (front of the ship).  Island comin’ up on “starboard” (right).

Daddy and Grandma are now walking towards “aft” (rear of the ship), making this “port” side (left).  No island, and this side was the windiest side on this particular day.  (It always took turns.  You’d be having a lovely walk on one side, turn the corner and be whammied by a whipping wind.)

Can’t pass up a good sunset.

Back on the starboard side trying to figure out exactly which island this is. . .(Actually, to be completely accurate, I think this is starboard-aft. . .or is it aft-starboard?)


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