g’mornin’ to ya

I’m afraid I just don’t have time today (or possibly all week) to post much of anything, but it just feels “wrong” not to say something. . .

The other day Jay called from work and asked how things were going, and I made some comment about it moving slower than I wanted it to.  He said, “You know, I finally get what you mean now.”

😉  See that cruise was good for something!

Jay also commented that his worse job while I was gone was sorting socks.  (Mind you, he gave the job of dishes to the teens. . .)  He wound up giving that job over to Tyler and Garrett.

I want you to know I’ve been missing two socks since I got back!  I have NEVER lost a sock in the wash / dryer, and now I am suddenly missing two (one tan and one white. . .so it’s not a pair).  I highly suspect that the missing mates to these socks are hiding, and should I ever find time to do the “spring cleaning”, probably this fall, I will find them.

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