Review of 21 Feb 2009

Lest you forget we left off at Ephesus, and I had gotten sick. . .

Somehow, amongst three cameras, we managed to not get a single picture taken on this day!  Therefore, I’m just randomly throwing some of the ship out there.

Last night was rough!  Poor Mom and Dad, their colds also seemed to reach a peak yesterday.  Daddy developed a fever which broke in the night and the rain and cold certainly didn’t help Mom either.

our cabin — with beach towels but it was WAY too cold to get any use out of those.

Today we slept in till 0830.  I think we all needed it.  Turns out that Uncle J had eaten some bad escargot last night; but, he was sure he’d gotten it all out of his system.

The folks have taken to drinking tea in the restaurants.  We make our own coffee in the cabin.


Today is “at sea”.  Normally, there is a monitor in the public areas that gives you wind speed and wave height.  This morning the captain announced that we would be hitting gale force winds.  Daddy pointed out to me that around mid-morning they stopped displaying any information on the monitor.

The ship has been rocking mighty fiercely and my tummy was already a bit “antsy” from yesterday.  I didn’t eat anything till dinner tonight.  I asked for plain pasta.  Uncle J’s tummy seems to have gotten worse through the day.  I saw him eyeballing my plain pasta with much envy.

you can’t say the ship was lacking in color!

The dining rooms, since we’ve been aboard, have been squirting us with hand sanitizer every time we walk in one.  I hate hand sanitizer, by the way.  Well, today they made it so that we are no longer able to help ourselves at the buffet! 

Now we have to stand in line to get a plate and silverware handed to us, then we meander around the buffet till we find what we want and stand in a smallish line till one of the harried servers can attend to you to pick up whatever it is you are wanting and put it on your plate.  Most aggravating! 

And truth be told, whenever I could get past them, I’d help myself.  You had to watch it though, as they’d fuss at you if they caught ya.

A number of people have been sick today.  You really have to watch where you are stepping!  Good news on my end though, after eating that bit of past my stomach finally decided to play nice.

medical suite (bad angle, but I didn’t want to get the people inside there nervous at me taking their picture)

The internet cafe has been jammed all day, so I haven’t been able to get on at all to get news from back home.  The last time I was on it cut out on me, so I’m more than two days behind on the news from home.

I’m homesick!  Which, when you think of it, is a misnomer.  I’m not one of those “home is where you hang your hat” people.  I’m more of a “home is where your heart is”, and right now my heart is very far from five people it holds most dear.

I was finally able to get on the computer this evening.  Got news from the home front.  The only thing I didn’t get were the words, “I miss you” or “the kids miss you”. . .It ain’t right, I’m tellin’ ya!!!

Oh, but while I was on the ‘puter they called a “Code Alpha”.  Couldn’t figure out what that was till I got back to the room.  Turns out Daddy had gone to a show, but had gotten there late so was standing near the entrance watching it.  Some guy came up behind him and collapsed!  Daddy had to get help / medical attention for this poor man.  Thus, the “Code Alpha”.  *sigh* My Daddy, the hero.

The theater, where you can watch the shows.  Hey, that man’s shadow?  That’s the hero!

Tomorrow is Cairo — more specifically Giza with the pyramids.  Mikhail was very upset to learn that I was going to see the pyramids without him.  He even tried to convince me to smuggle him aboard in my suitcase. 😉

That’s one of the hardest things about this trip — the inability to share all of this with them.  I think it even outweighs the “peace and quiet” factor of this trip!

Anyway, tomorrow is going to be a very long day I’m going to close out here.


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