Review 24 Feb 09

24 Feb 09 Day at Sea

So whilst walking around the deck with Daddy today, I was pondering the way of things on the ship, and looking out at the waves.

“Daddy, I know how you measure waves on paper, but how do they determine the height of the waves (see ocean conditions) when we are actually on the water?”

A lot of theories and suppositions were thrown out.  We even asked Uncle J once when he sped past us, to which shouted back, “probably satellite”.  (It’s one of his favorite answers.)

Daddy decided he liked his theory best, however.

“Well, they throw a 1st year junior officer overboard from the front of the ship with a permanent marker.  Every time he bobs up with the crest he marks it on the side of the ship; same idea with the trough.  At the back of the boat is the 2nd year junior officer (who had the marking job last year) to pull him out, and then they measure the distance.”

Hmmm, I think I shall try to steer my children from wanting to become an officer on a ship. . .

But, seriously, does anyone know how this is done?

Did I mention before that a cruise is like the ideal homeschool environment?  Especially if you have more extended family along with. 

Today, I learned more about my maternal Grandfather.  He was Japanese and, new knowledge to me today, his last name means “big bear”.  Also, I knew his family had immigrated from Japan to Hawaii then to the US — but today I discovered it was a bit different than I had thought it.

My Grandfather’s parents had come over as indentured servants to Hawaii working on a pineapple plantation.  From there it is unclear as to whether they realized they had signed up for this or not, but they would up going to Canada to work on the Canadian Pacific Railroad.  He on the crew and she the camp cook.

Oh!  Did I mention when they came over to Hawaii they left their then two-year old son with their parents.  I couldn’t even imagine that!

Anyway, as I said there is a bit of confusion as to the whole railroad thing.  It is believed that they thought they were coming straight to the San Francisco Bay area and wound up being “tricked”; but, it is possible that they did realize they were going to do the railroad work first.

They finally wound up in the Bay area after a couple of year where they had their last 4 kids.

I think I should pick some more brains later on regarding this.

But, back to the idea of this being great for homeschoolers.  We’ve had these terrific excursions (field trips) and then “days at sea”.  The days at sea cannot be discounted as educational — there are all sorts of educational opportunities.  Great discussions with others.  Just perfect opening for knowledge gain.

For example, we have two room stewards that are in charge of our and 20+ other rooms. 

Joseph (right) and Gusti (left)

Joseph is from the Philipines and Gusti from Indonesia.  Both of them enjoyed telling us about their homes, and it was incredibly interesting to hear about them from their perspectives.

Gusti has a wife and an 11-year-old son back home awaiting his return in June.  He will return and remain there, living on what they’ve been able to save, until the cruise line calles him back.

 Mom has spent a good portion of today learning / playing bridge (a different tactic — as she knows how to play the game).  They have a number of things going on in the ship.  A good portion of it doesn’t “grab” me though.

Daddy and I went back to the bridge viewing room. . . not much to view at all.

The ship was originally commissioned as the “Pride of Hawaii”, but then became the “Jade”.

This screen shows “us”, or rather the boat and our course.  We are the big yellow blob with the yellow “freckles” at the SE “corner” of the screen.  They were making a course correction.  The long white line was the way we were headed, the red line the way we wanted to be going and the short white line our “over-correction” to get us on track. . . (Or something like that.  I could be making this all up!  It was an excellent hypothesis at the time.)

I know, you can’t believe I took a picture of this lovely carpet.  Well, see the dolphin, amongst the shells, the dolphins point forward.  So, when you are walking along you know if you are heading forward or aft by the way the dolphins are going.  That lovely orange swirl pattern meant you were reaching an elevator / stairway area.

and this guy was just too cute!


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