Review of 26 Feb 2009

Just finished reviewing our last couple of tours.  At this point, it’s about time for me to start packing. 

This is the first day of bright sunny skies and semi-warm temperatures.  Our ship is cruising along at 23 knots which is atypical thus far in the cruise where we’ve been averaging a speed of 16 knots. 


just a random picture of the ship’s decor. 

The captain announced this morning that there were whales in the area.  (I’m not sure how they know this, but I suspect Uncle J would tell me it is satellite.)  So, I spent a good deal of time out on deck today with camera in hand. 

At one point an elder gentleman dashed past me saying he’d seen spouts and to follow him, so I dashed after him towards his wife who was pointing at. . . open sea.  “Well, hon, I don’t know if we saw anything or not,” she says. 

Later on, Daddy exclaimed he’d seen some and to follow him.  Another mad dash, and again seeing nothing. 

I started to suspect that people were getting their jollies watching me run. 

I was out there so long that I actually started talking to the invisible whales.  I did ensure no-one was around whilst I did so first 

I pleaded with them.  Assured them, the only thing I wanted to shoot was my camera.   I tried the logic of “You’re a mammal, and I’m a mammal; wouldn’t it be cool to meet a distant cousin?” 

I appealed to their vanity, suggesting that since whales were known as such incredibly intelligent creatures they should feel some sort of moral obligation to give this lowly Hue-Mon, (that is SO taken from the Quark character on DS9) homeschooling mother of four a nice photo to take home and show her children. 

I even told them the ever so sad story of the time, back in Jan of 2000 (my 1st year of homeschooling) I had taken my two boys, and mother on a whale watching trip in Monterey, CA during migration season.  All we got for our troubles then was a sea full of nasty, violent waves, a chill that went through the bone, and a lot of VERY empty tummies. . . 

Apparently, this was all in vain, for not a whale or a spout did I see. 

Stupid whales. 

I feel very fortunate to have taken this trip.  Part of me wishes that I could have seen more, as a number of the tours had simply “wet my whistle” so to speak. 

I am not tired / sick of my traveling companions and found the whole troupe very pleasant and enjoyable to be around.  My family impresses me continually with how easy they are to get along with and with their wealth of information and knowledge.  

This has been a delightful trip overall.  Yet, I miss my own crew and can’t wait to return to them.  It will take some time to make-up for all the time / hugs I’ve missed out on.  I plan to start catching up immediately! 


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