well now

I don’t know about you all, but I was getting mighty sick of seeing the “visual aid” sticky post up here.  It feels good that it’s down!

Drew cut his hair today.  I love his haircut days!  For one thing, he no longer asks me to cut it, preferring to do it himself.  (happy dance)  The bigger deal, though, is that he trims his beard at the same time.  (I cannot believe I just acknowledged that my 16 year old has a beard!)

I’ll have to try to sneak of photo in of him.  He’s camera shy.

Allergy season has struck us.  My two little guys have the typical runny nose / eyes dealy-o.  I feel bad for them. . .but not too bad, as my allergies are atypical sinus HEADACHES.  (oh! the pain!)

Tyler noticed me rummaging in the medicine cabinet yesterday and asked if the allergy season was here.  I noticed after he got his afirmative answer both he and Drew weren’t around much yesterday. . .  (hee, hee, this is actually a *joke*, as I tend to be terribly quiet when I have a headache, and I tend to be the one to “retreat”.)

It makes it hard to do school though.  Especially, if Drew comes to me with one of his math problems, that talks in a language that seems rather more suited to a medical text than a math book.

Oh, would you look at that!  I was going to make a joke about “sinusoid” and sounding like that would be something requiring antibiotics and pain meds. . .which, it turns out, is not only a math term, it is, indeed also a medical term! 

Ah well, better get going.  Assuming Drew doesn’t have any math issues, I think my most complicated math for the day is going to be teaching nickels, pennies and dimes.  Think I can suffer through that. . .




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