Feeling. . .

.  . . irked

There’s a Dear Abby article today about a Dad being miffed because his future son-in-law did not ask him for his daughter’s hand.


Okay, under no circumstances do I see myself as a “feminist” (not even sure I spelled that right); yet the idea of my future spouse asking my father for my hand. . .

What?!  Am I piece of property that one has to ask to have???!  And it’s up to my father to say yes? 

Why not my mother???  Well, that’s actually easy to answer, I was rather “trying” for my Mom at that point in my life so she probably would have handed me over rather readily to any ole body. . .  But, STILL!

Hmmm, wonder if my Daddy expected that?  He never said. . .

. . . not as stupid as I felt last week.

Drew has been having serious difficulties with his math, Saxon Advanced Mathematics.  I’ve mentioned before that he’s WAY beyond anything I was ever taught, so it has been requiring much gnashing of teeth and a great quantity of Tylenol whenever he needs help.

So, I called in “reenforcements”.  A tutor who, as it happens, is a 3rd year dual major in math and education.

I got an email from her, after she had had a chance to go over his work thus far, telling me she would only be able to help out in certain areas, because some of this stuff she was never taught!  (Now, the girl is terribly bright, and could teach herself how to do them, but she has a wedding to prepare for so, obviously, time is an issue.)

So, I’ve restocked the Tylenol, cinched up the mental “rucksack”, and with her help and my and Drew’s determination (stubborness) we are slowly making headway.

Note:  Drew was having “stupid issues” as well, as he’s never found math rough, so he was feeling rather down in the dumps.  Hearing her say that she’s never even covered some of this material. . .You should have heard him Hoot and Holler! 

It suprised me, as he tends to hold everything in, so I didn’t realize how much this was frustrating him.  I mean, I knew he was frustrated, just didn’t realize how deeply.  Not to mention, Drew just isn’t the “Hoot and Holler” type.

. . . a might bit concerned

When I walk into my living room, it smells “warm”.

Do you know this smell?

The smell of wood right before it starts smoking (which is right before it catches fire)?

Know that smell???  Not smoky, but “warm”?

Big concern, given that our house is constructed with all wood floors, and our furniture is wood. . .

I’m off to investigate further. . .


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