I just wanted to write and let you all know that you may not be “seeing” much of me here, on this blog, this week.

A friend of mine gave me an idea. . .and in typical Christine fashion, I ran with it, completely turned it around, and dashed in a different direction.

Jay is currently upstairs muttering, “that woman” to himself, and occassionally hollering down, “I’m not saying ‘yes’!”  Just as frequently though, he marches downstairs to give me his two cents as to my plan.

Then, when I went upstairs just a bit ago, he told me, “NO!  Not right now.”

Which in the language of “us”, means sooner than he wants to, and later than I do.

And lucky for me, he’s off work this week. . .

Unfortunately for him, it’s supposed to rain a good portion of this next week, which puts his plans of doing a roof kind of up in the air. . .

Ah, well, there ya go.  Jay has just called the boys for an impromptu shoe shopping excursion.  And there you have it (an excuse to get out of the house is a definite sign of weakening)! 

So, it looks as if I’ll be busy this week.  I’ll get back to you when the dust settles.

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