Well. . .

I spent an hour today on math with Tyler.

Tyler, my poor child, who struggles in math.  And for the last week we’ve been dealing with:

  • positive / negative numbers — which give him all sorts of grief
  • fractions — which cause him massive heartache
  • and algebra, which is new to him. . .and to give you an idea of how it’s going, he mentioned burning his math book.

Which means, I have to find time in my day to sit with him and help him “think it through”.


I mentioned the whole ordeal with Drew also, right?  The fact that he’s taking Saxon Advanced Mathematics, and I’m totally clueless as to what he’s covering because it’s so beyond any math I covered.  And we mentioned the fact that I tried to get a tutor (a math / education major who’s in her 3rd year), but she said he was working at a level that she’s never covered.

Have we also covered, in great depth, that I am NOT a math person, by any stretch of the imagination???!!!  Cuz, if we haven’t I could bring my Daddy into the conversation, and he could vouch for my inability to grasp math.

So, I backtracked on Drew.  Took him back 20 lessons, and now have him doing one lesson every other day.  The idea is for him to work on the lesson and then the next day for us to go over any problems he may have had.

This started a week ago, and I keep asking him on his “days off” if he’s encountered any problems that we should try to cover. . .

After a week, he’s finally come to me, with 4 lessons!!!  See, I was trying to break it down so I could try to deal with this bit by bit, and that child brings me a “whale”!   So, we spent a couple of hours this evening working on it.

And right now, he’s upstairs, just fuming.

Because, I figured something out, and he’s still struggling to understand.

Worse, he knows that *he knows* more math than I so, it’s a punch to his ego that I figured this out. . .

The deal is, though, that I just decided to start backtracking (going from the answers).  I can tell him *how* to do the problem, but I can’t tell him *why* and that’s just driving him beserk.

Worse, we kept coming across this line in the text, “Obviously, because of [this], [that] is also true.”  Well, let me tell you, it WASN’T obvious AT ALL.  Nor, for the life of us, could we figure out why the first was true.  It was insane!

I had purchased the Saxon Teacher CD-Rom to go with this book.  Let me just say, that’s a waste of money!  It doesn’t even begin to “teach” anything.  For the lessons, it simply goes over the practice problems, but there is absolutely NO instruction.  You HAVE to read the book first, and should you not understand it, then going over the practice problems with the disk isn’t going to help you a lick.  After all, those are in the book too, and there is NO additional information given on the disk.

I wonder if the D.I.V.E. CDs would be better???  Anyone know?

Anyway, after a couple of hours of working to figure this ONE type of problem out, Drew was so irritated that he couldn’t bear listening to me explain how I was getting the right answers, so we called it quits for the night.  Tomorrow, I will try to cover it again.


I think, starting tomorrow, I’m going to do a series of “day in the life” posts. 

It’s more for me, because my time always seems to dissapate more rapidly than I feel it should.  I’m hoping it will help me get a handle on where it’s being spent.


3 comments on “Ooof!

  1. Lizardbreath says:

    Feeling your pain…DD wants me to tell her the answer to the problem. When I don’t, I get a very good six year old girl whine, “Momma, I don’t understand.” Followed by tears and more whining, which of course just makes me all happy to help. I need to work on my patience.

  2. Laura says:

    Sounds like it’s being spent in math – that can be a painful place to be.
    I’m pulling for you, and Drew, and Tyler.

  3. se7en says:

    AAAHHHH, I feel your pain… different problem, same topic. I discovered one hood has been putting his math off all week until friday when I check his books… A couple of pages a day is one thing, but the crying heap that NEEDS me to sit with him while he drags through his math on a friday … and with all these holidays it is just overwhelming and fairly killing me… I wonder if we can take a week off and just do math – purgatory for all of us as he wails and laments… maybe I will just let him do that while the rest of us take a vacation… It doesn’t help that I am mathematically minded and well this is basic – just do it!!!

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