I stink!

Just thought I should let you know, for the record and all.

I STINK at multi-tasking!

Now, what’s hillarious is that my husband believes me to be the greatest multi-tasker on the planet.  He thinks I “thrive on my multi-tasking ability”.  He tells others about this “super-human” ability of mine.  It’s one of the first things I hear from people that I meet through him, “Oh, Jay tells me you are fabulous at multi-tasking.”  (How would that come up in conversation anyway?)

That man is nuts.

I feel frozen and can’t think, completely jumbled and out of sorts.  I hate this feeling!

And I ALWAYS try to just deal and hang-on and do a bit-by-bit approach.

That approach is for the birds, by the way.

I mentioned in my previous post about having a couple things in the air.  Re-arranging rooms, school, recipe project.

I just can’t hack it anymore!  So, starting today, I’m going full mode into finishing the room switch.  (Which is the approach that I invariably fall back on each and every time.)  It should be no biggie, just disassembling and re-assembling furniture and moving a ton of, errr, small items (don’t want to give away the surprise after all). 


Course, Garrett has a dental appointment to get some braces on today. . .

And, my small vaccuum cleaner fritzed on me. . . (repair or replace today)

And I have to stop by the library to return books that are due today and can’t be renewed again.  . .

And buy some paper at the store for the recipe project. . .

Oh, and I probably should try to get school in. . .

I know!  Let’s just shoot me and be done with it!


One comment on “I stink!

  1. se7en says:

    Oh my word… sometimes you write my mind !!! The more I have on my growing list of what I can achieve the less I actually achieve… the days I intend to clean out a closet, sort and discard art projects and get everyone’s work up to date including all sorts of miscellaneous science projects and then I will just quickly organize the bills when I haven’t looked at the post pile in over a month… well on those days I collapse into bed barely getting through the meals!

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