Well, that was sudden!

I got behind in laundry this week.

Today, it got up to 100 degrees!

And the two are related *how* you ask???

I was folding up sweaters today that were worn just a few short days ago.


So, obviously, it was time for the summer haircuts.  (Well, past due, honestly.)

Garrett, (before and after)


Mikhail (before and after)

I think I mentioned the older boys had their cuts a couple of weeks ago. . . hmm, don’t have “before and afters” of them. . .just the afters:

Drew with his beard.  Everyone locally has taken to calling him “Red-beard”.  I keep wanting to tack on “the pirate” to that, but he doesn’t appreciate either.  Course, the one sure-fire thing that will ensure that no-one calls him anything other than his name (shaving) he just refuses to do.  Go figure.

Tyler.  (And yes, he has started shaving.)

And below, well, it’s an absolutely horrid picture of my entire family.  But, it’s the most recent picture (as in, a couple of years) of the entire family that I have.  Oh, but the young girl behind, is not mine.  She just snuck in there for fun.

This next week I’ll be having a blog “theme”-y thing going on.  I mentioned doing it before, but got sidetracked.  I will be doing a “week in the life” theme.  The good news is, that we don’t have any appointments. 

One never knows what I’ll come up with in a week, though. . .

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2 comments on “Well, that was sudden!

  1. You had 100 degrees? Seriously? Wow – we’re sitting here with about 38 and 30 MPH winds off the lake. Kind of nasty. It’s only temporary, though. It would be nice to have a little warmer weather but it will come.

    The boys are getting big!

  2. Oh I LOVE the family pic!!! So good to “see” you. *grin* it’s been a while! sorry I’ve been incommunicado.

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