Week in the life: Tues. 4-28-09

Tuesday Schedule








Personal exercise

No.  There are two serious problems with this:  the time, and the fact that I can’t stand to exercise.


Personal computer time

0600-0737 Went over on this one.  Had to place an order for some math items, and then the computer wanted to do its weekly maintenance thingy.  Jay didn’t go into work till “late” today as he has a dinner dealy-o this evening.  We won’t see him again till late today.  Boys had breakfast with him.


Breakfast & KP

0830  Still didn’t get to breakfast dishes till like 0815.  Did manage to remember to eat breakfast though.  (This is honestly something I can forget to do.  As I’ve said before, I’m not terribly keen on breakfast.)


Morning Prep.




0900-0920  Piano is done.  Then had to dash down in the basement to check out the sandal situation.  Both little guys are in need of new sandals this year.  That means a shopping trip. . .blah!  Maybe I’ll send them with Jay.  That man loves shopping for shoes!  (And, if you knew him, you would know that I was being completely honest here, not a twitch of sarcasm.)



-1037  Went over on this one.  We did yesterday’s art assignment and today’s.  We don’t have art schedule for Wed. as that’s my busy day, but I really couldn’t afford to move one over there either (as it IS my “busy” day after all).  We finished just as a “neighbor” called and asked Tyler if he’d be willing to take on a mowing job.  (The “neighbor” owns the house, but does not live there – trying to sell it.)  This will be Tyler’s 2nd lawn mowing job this year.  Shoot, in a month that child will exceed the amount of money I have. . .

Okay, back to art.  We are learning shapes.

The first thing we did last week was contour drawing (which was a big flop).

Yesterday’s assignment was “shape design”.  You are supposed to use felt pieces to create a design and then draw that design onto a piece of paper.  (Remember I wasn’t prepared?)  Well, I remembered last night that I have foam shapes, so we used those.


Garrett’s above and Mikhail’s below:

I will admit to you that we “cheated” just a bit.  We didn’t glue down their shapes until after we had colored them.  Garrett didn’t quite understand what we were supposed to do.  His red foam heart was in the middle of the top page, but he drew it to the left.  I explained it to him and he got the rest right, and we adjusted the foam heart accordingly.  Mikhail had a bit of grief with his foam tree. . .

The second project was positive and negative shapes.


Garrett’s is on the top, and he actually understood this one better than Mikhail.  That was a tough pill for Mikhail to swallow as he considers himself the resident artist (after Drew that is).

I joined in too:

 and I wanted to bring that up for a reason.

Let’s face it, I DO NOT have time to spend an hour doing art with my kiddoes.  My laundry basket is, again, overflowing, the floors need to be swept and mopped / vacuumed, there’s a ton of other items on my “to-do” list.

BUT, at the end of the day, had I done those other things I would realize that I had missed taking time to sit with my munchkins.  I would have missed the stories they told me explaining the fort they were in the process of building out back. 

“It’s going rather slowly, as the darn pirates keep coming and bombing it to smithereens, Mommy.  But, we keep re-building it, and pretty soon we’ll have it so when they come attacking they won’t be able to blast it up.”

I get to hear them discuss their art work and praise each-other’s efforts.  Or even to hear them criticize each-other, and then give suggestions.  It’s amazing, truly.

So, yes, my floors are a mess, and I’ve got some silly art projects done. . .but I spent an hour watching and listening to the greatest “art” in life.  Yep, I’m not going to bed with any regrets tonight.



1219-1225 Done


Lunch & KP




1232-1243 – Phonics

5 min. “alphabet recognition” (flashcards).  Garrett had problems in that he kept giving me the phonetic sound of each letter rather than the letter name.

10 min. spelling

25 min – writing.  Wrote their first sentences today!  “I am big.”  The periods were the size of a smallish pancake.  Possibly I over-emphasized their importance???  Did start with capital letters and worked on word spacing.  I can honestly say though, I think it’s all Greek to them still.  They still look at letters in words and simply see letters, not words.  I’m desperately trying to be calm, cool and PATIENT. . . desperately.


RightStart Math

Did not get to it!



1322-1337 finished and sent kids off to get a freezy-pop.  Read in Usborne about Athens.  Really cool, as I have recent pictures of the Acropolis.  For some reason the kids don’t think this as cool as I.  Math will have to wait till later.  Drew has informed me he needs help with math today.  Tyler actually has a math test today, so I’ll try to fit in Drew’s math in Tyler’s spot.  I’m off to start a load of laundry (or two).  Oh, by the way, there’s a massive yellow film all over everything today.  Pollen season has hit full force.


TT Algebra 1 with Tyler

has a test


Drew’s math

1400-1611 Worked with Drew on his math.  They need a freakin’ text book for his graphing calculator!  Cuz, the 696 page user manual is NOT helpful at all.  Called our “tutor” down and she helped us figure it out in a couple of minutes.   Oh, but we managed to get 2 (TWO!) types of problems figured out today.

I am now officially brain fried for the day, but somehow need to muster enough to do math with the little ones yet.  (Oh, why, OH, WHY! was it math that got put off with them today????)

Still need to come up with dinner plans, but I’m thinking good- ole pizza delivery at this point! 

I’m off to look for some chocolate.



They are calling for rain tomorrow.  I truly hope so!  Remember the pollen I just mentioned???  I’ve had to dust off my keyboard / monitor and printer 3 times already. The dustcloth has a really cool yellow handprint now. . . If we don’t get rain soon, someone may expect me to, you know, dust the house. . .


Dinner Prep

oven-baked breaded chicken


Dinner & KP



Little guy’s bedtime!!!

Wound up talking on the phone with a friend about homeschool reviews.  (Hers was today.)  Her reviewer sounds wonderful, which leads me to fretting about our reviews that are due soon.


School work check & school room organization.

Whilst on the phone my friend suggested we go for a walk to get our exercise (and some extra chatting) in.  Does that mean I can check off the first block, even though I didn’t do it at the right time???  I will be in the schoolroom after that.




Fit ins:

housecleaning, etc.

1 load of laundry


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