Dead in the water.

We were supposed to be going to “shadow” at a homeschool co-op today.  Except, I found out that today was essentially their end of year party day, so I decided to back out, and clean my house (given that we have company coming tonight).

However, I was given an application to fill out.


I like this:

“We do have a waiting list.  We do not always invite families into the co-op based on the date of the application.  This is because some of our age groups are filled, and we cannot take any more students of a certain age.  We also consider the teacher’s strengths when deciding. . .”

Then, on the actual application it says,

“Please list areas of expertise, training or experience that you would be willing to offer either as a teacher or assistant.”

Ba-da-boom, ba-da-bing. . .

Yet, another paper for the recycle bin.


I’m off to look for massive amounts of chocolate.


2 comments on “Dead in the water.

  1. se7en says:

    This would send me straight to the couch for a total collapse. Yet another reason why I totally avoid anything labeled homeschool… waaaahhhh… At least you got to save a piece of tree!

  2. Gypsy Gal says:

    Showed up one moning at the scheduled time to “sign up” for a Homeschool class, was the 3rd in line. Got the reg. table and the class (15) was full. How did that happen? Must have missed the pre registration day. Oh well, started my own art class.

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