Back on the wagon


I had gotten out of the habit of waking up at 0500.  Let’s face it, waking to darkness is just *blah*.  The problem is, that shoots 2 hours from my day.  In fact,it takes more from my day, because it takes me LONGER to do my 1st two hour routines if I start when everyone is up.  The two hour routine suddenly takes 3 and I’m all cranky and stressed by the end of it because I’m so behind. . .

So, it’s back up at 05.

There are massive benefits to waking this early.  Peace and Quiet to name just a couple.  I think if I had two more kids, I would name them Peace and Quiet in the hopes that they would live up to their names. . . .(I’m totally fooling!  There’s an Australian comedian that does a skit of Americans and naming their kids after character traits.)

I could see myself naming cats such things though.

Alas, my two hours of P & Q are over, and my monsters are downstairs grumbling to be fed.  Because they woke up exactly 2.35 minutes ago, and are STARVING.


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