Recently, Jay asked me if it was possible for me to keep up with homeschool AND housework.

More recently he commented that the house was looking fantastic, but he felt like the boys weren’t getting enough instruction.

This evening he came home and *harumphed*.


All the school work was done.


Today, I somehow managed to have all 4 boys doing math at once.  It was honestly accidental, I can assure you.

In fact, it started out with the little ones and I doing science, and Tyler sitting beside, sometimes butting in with an algebra question.

Then, we finished our science and I realized that there were still a couple of worksheets (math) the little ones needed to finish up. I gave them instruction for that and headed upstairs to Drew, who was hollerin’ that he needed help.

So, I’m working through problems with him, and Garrett comes up to show me his completed work and to get a stamp.  That’s their “reward”, those stamps.  And they don’t care what it says, it could say “void” and they’d be happy as all get out.  I took a minute to go over his work before turning my attention back to Drew.

Then, Mikhail comes up; I ask him to hold off a minute so I could finish with Drew; which I did, and then proceeded to turn my attention to Mikhail when Drew pipes up that he has yet another problem.

(you may have to read the following aloud)

“Just a sec, Drew.”

“No secs.”

“Yes secs!

That poop can be rather demanding at times and then.  . . OH!

Drew is looking at me with big eyes and a very mischievious grin on his face.

He is thereupon informed, given our respective marital statuses, that we each gave appropriate commentsLook! I can mark that off as “secs ed.” 😉


During science, for Garrett and Mikhail, they had to answer questions related to our reading.  I generally send one of them off and get answers from the other first then switch.  And as Mikhail doesn’t particularly like science I grab him for answers first.

Question:  Why do we know so little about Mercury?

Mikhail’s answer: “Because we just started reading about it today.”


2 comments on “Conversations

  1. Laura says:

    Haha, that sounds like a wonderful day!

  2. Sunshine says:

    THAT was a good one. 😉

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