My poor blog looks as if it’s been forsaken!

We are supposed to be on vacation next week.  Remember I had mentioned previously about Jay being accepted into the nursing program?  Well, they have a mandatory briefing next Tues. (May 26).  (Mandatory, as in you are refused entry into the program should you not attend this event.)

That created a great deal of stress!

Well, Jay called and they told him that they would be having a make-up session *sometime* in the future.

*Sometime* as in it never occurred to anyone that this is a major holiday weekend for a great number of people in this area and therefore not the best time to schedule a mandatory event.  *Sometime* as in it didn’t dawn that maybe they should have a back-up date already scheduled.  *Sometime* as in someone is showing just how “ate-up” they truly are.

And the big problem with *sometime* is that there are *certain times* (about 3 days of them) that Jay absolutely, positively can only be excused from work if he’s DEAD.  (In which case this would all be a mute point and no cause of concern. . .)

As of this point we still have no idea when the make-up will be.

Jay was reminded yesterday just how well his wife deals with “limbo”.  The man has wisely decided to call today and find out one way or the other about the make-up session so we can adjust our vacation plans accordingly.


As for me, I’ve been doing *grand*.

I have discovered a “talent”, that I now realize I have possessed all along.

I have mastery for creating chaos.

Yep, and somehow I don’t think it would be wise to put this on a homeschool co-op form as an area of “expertise or talent” which leaves said form still blank.

Okay, well, I did mention that I don’t do well with “limbo”.  And if one part of my life goes off-kilter then the rest of it goes too.  I like to keep things uniform like that.

I’d post pictures, except I thought it wise to save you the horror, and me the embarrassment.


Ahh, but at some point I had mentioned that I had pictures to post.

If you will recall, we were in the midst of a massive room re-arrangement.  I had mentioned that it was a total of 4 rooms being done, and the last post showed the location of our new school room.

“So, what happened to the old school room,” one may ask?  And, I’m ever so grateful when “one” does ask. . . .

Well, first the “Hey, Diddle-Diddle” wall-paper border was stripped off, leaving the room a lovely shade of yellow.

I should probably mention that I don’t like yellow.

So, I called in my work crew,

then, explained the concept of “work”.

Made sure they were given a “crew boss”:

and went about my other business of planting.

But, this required a whole different work crew.

because the strawberries that I was going to plant needed a bed to lie in.

Then, the aforementioned “crew boss” of the paint team, decided he had too much help (which I’m not 100% certain is possible) and sent them out my way.

That’s not a grumpy look, btw, it’s just the sun in his eyes.  Honest!

Which left me with my job “done”.

I wanted a bed to put my raspberries / blackberries in too, but the plants arrived before the boys could help me out. So they are just stuck in the ground (to the left). The current bushes are stuck in the ground too, on either side of the strawberry bed. Maybe (?) I’ll come up with a decorative idea to border them.

The two short front beds are currently empty of anything but dirt. I have two bins of compost to be worked in. But’s that’s a project for another day.

Then, I had to go help the “crew boss” again with the finishing touches.

I realize the radiator clashes, but Jay said not to mess with it.   A friend suggested a slip cover. . .
The little guys finally have space!
And you know what?  This arrangement is working out splendidly! 
Two rooms down and two to go. . .


3 comments on “hum-de-dum

  1. Laura says:

    Great progress. Some order in the world, to combat the limbo that is threatening chaos elsewhere.

  2. se7en says:

    I am indeed missing something!!! This looks like the height of extreme organization to me!!! Everything is so immaculate – lets swap!!! I’ll take your chaos and you can have mine!

    • corefoundations says:

      Ahh, remember, you are only seeing one room! It’s the entire rest of the house that is completely terrifying in it’s messiness.

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