One can easily tell when I’m having problems with coming up with titles!

So, I spent the entirety of yesterday essentially in one room.  My “staging area” for clean up.

You know what’s truly sad?  It looks pretty much the same now as it did yesterday morning when I started!

Now, other parts of the house are looking pretty good.  For example, I had ALL the boys’ toys in the staging room.  Yesterday, we sorted them all out (trashed a number of them, but the boys weren’t around for that so don’t tell ’em) and put them in bins that will slide under their beds.  Said bins are under their beds now and the floor is still clear.  (Which technically is not true at this moment as I hear them digging through the Legos.)  I can check their room off as “done”!

I went through my homeschool shelves with a brutal eye.  That was “eye-opening”, actually.  My good friend came over after I was done and combed through the books to see if she wanted any, and kept asking “why” I was getting rid of this one or that one.  They should have such notes on the books at the consignment store!  Here are a few of my answers:

  • too time intensive for me (big one)
  • didn’t “schedule” well (Tell me this makes sense to you about me!)
  • last time I touched that book it was to take it out of the box (moving) and put it on the shelf.
  • needed space on my shelves (This applied to some series that I got rid of; I have the 1st book, but got rid of the rest that I had in that series — like Boxcar children.  Figured if the kids want to continue on in the series they can get the books from the library.)
  • I have another book like that one that I’m more familiar with  (Grammar handbook.  Bought one on numerous recomendations, but never pulled it out as I’m more familiar with my Little Brown Handbook I’ve had since college.)
  • Saved it for my little guys, but have since found something I like better (science, phonics, math)
  • It throws out “r’s” too early (phonics)
  • I have a copy of this on my shelves  (Remember the Writing with Ease book???)

My friend walked away with a bag of stuff, and now I’m down to 11 bags to take to the homeschool store (all in the staging area).

I managed to organize the area by our back door.  All the sports equipment that gets chucked in there. . .  now, neatly tucked away.

I went through Tyler’s room and got a lot of junk out of there.  In fact, I can check his room off as “done”.

I started organizing my school room closet.  VERY cool!  I had to stop because my labeler ran out of paper.  (Lucky me, I have to take Garrett in to get his new retainer from the dentist this a.m.  The dentist is right next to Staples.)

Jay found out yesterday that we are “good-to-go” for vacation!

Now, I’m off to go through my day.  I don’t even know if I’ll be able to “hit” the staging area again today (hope so, as it desperately needs attention).

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2 comments on “la-de-da

  1. Laura says:

    Yes indeed, it is a nice feeling when things get done!
    I’m glad vacation is working out.

  2. se7en says:

    Oh this sounds wonderful – a total clear out… I fear I have lost the battle even a year ago I could have done it but now it is only tiny little corners bit by little bit. I love giving homeschool goodies we don’t use away!!! Oh the wide eyed wonder of a new homeschooler has I happily handed over a crate of math manipulatives we had never used and an entire spelling program that required far to much parental intervention!!!

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