In this house

This is something I have discovered (and it seems odd to me), that people don’t think about with regards to the military.

Did I mention that this seems odd?

Ah, but of course, you are wondering what *this* is.

We have now lived in this house exactly 3 years and 6 months.

The only other house where we have lived longer was in GA, in the early 90s.  We lived there exactly (give or take a day) 3 years and 8 months.  We had our oldest two boys then, so as of this point that’s the only place they’ve lived longer than here.

My good friend brought her 3rd child home 15 years ago.  He’s not lived in another house. (I think they moved in 16 years ago.)

My neighbor across the street, Mr. Russ, is 3rd generation in the same house.  Third CONSECUTIVE generation.  His grandparents bought the house brand new, then his parents got it, and now he lives there.  He’s in his mid-60s.

I received one of those email questionaire things.  And one of the questions on there was how many different cities have you live in.

I couldn’t determine if I should answer that as in “life” or “since marriage”, but I came up with 17 different cities.  (I went with “life”; but “since marriage”, it’s been 11.)

What was funny is that you are supposed to send that questionaire out to others (you know that whole silly “good luck thing”.)  I got that questionaire from 3 people, and I simply returned it back to them (so as not to be rude).  All of them, listed only living in 1 city!  ONE!  This is made even more odd by the fact that we live in a “congested” area, and I could go 15-20 miles in (almost) any direction and be in a different city!

I just can’t fathom it!


One comment on “In this house

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, I’ve been associated with the military in one way or another MY WHOLE LIFE. I can’t begin to count the cities I’ve lived in! We’ve been at our current base for 3 years and 8 months now. It’s the longest we’ve ever been anywhere and I’m ready to move!

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