I recall reading once that any blog post should be on a single topic; otherwise you will annoy your readers and they will turn tail and “hide”.

Well, you can all run now, because my head is so messed up I know this post isn’t going to be on a single topic.

I’ve got a massive sinus “issue” right now.  I say “issue” as it has yet to become a full-blown infection, but it’s seriously trying.  (Serious, as in my cheekbones feel like they’ll explode and / or my upper teeth are going to shoot from my head with an explosive force that would put a bomb to shame.)

hmmm, well, now that I’ve got that picture in your noggin. . .


I was working in the garden last week with my four helpers.

I’ve got the world’s best garden helpers!  Two guys — Mikhail and Garrett, and 2 gals — “Little Bit” and Paige.

Anywhoo, on this particular day we were adding plants into the garden as well as doing some weeding, so I determined to impart some wisdom unto my crew. . .

“When it’s little, I can rarely tell the difference between a weed and a plant.  However, I have discovered a sure-fire way to tell the difference.”

The kids are looking on, expecting great things. . .

“Now, if you grab the top green bit, and you pull and you yank, and you wind up getting a root that you are quite sure went half-way to China, then that is a weed.  And if it was a weed, you can be sure that you did not get all of the roots and it will indeed grow back.”

“On the other hand, if you pull that top green bit and it slides directly out of the dirt, then that was a plant (as in, something you actually WANT to grow).”

“You may wish, upon discovering that you just accidentally pulled up a plant, to replant the little fellow, and give him another chance.  You can certainly try, but it’s been my experience that their feelings are thoroughly hurt at this point and they will refuse to grow.  Honestly, you may as well place the little guy in the compost bin so that he can spend his last minutes whining about how we dared to believe he was a weed.”

And thus, the “weeding” ensued.  As it happened only a few “plants” were accidentally pulled.  A few of them were uprooted when a child was struggling with a weed.  “They” were gently replanted, and reminded that it was not we that thought they were a weed, but the weed itself that pulled them out.  I’m impressed that those couple of plants are attempting to continue on.


We had a baby bunny in our yard today. 

 Cutest little fellow you ever did see. 

Of course, it is because of him and his entire extended family and kinfolk that I am down to 3 strawberry plants in my strawberry bed.

Our two local neighborhood foxes had to go and die.  One was old and sick and probably just fell over one day, but one had to go and get himself run over by a car. . .

Here’s the thing I can figure though.  Those bunnies NEVER make a mistake between a plant and a weed.  Thus, the barren strawberry bed — barren of strawberries, but full of weeds.


Jay was talking about a work collegue yesterday.  She received a call from daycare saying they found a tick on her daughter and could she please come to remove it (because it’s against their policy to remove things from a child’s body).  She called her husband and told him to go.

Jay went on to say that it seemed like she was forever having her husband take over all the “typical female responsibilities”.  To which I said, I was quite sure ticks fell in the “male” role.

He then went on to say, “No, her husband cooks the dinner AND cleans up afterwards too.”

“And this is bad?” I asked.

“Well, I think, if he cooks the meal, then she should at least clean up.”

AHA!  BIG grin on my face!

“Well, hon, it seems to me that I cook dinner every night AND I always wind up doing the clean up too.”

“Yeah, well, she works full time.”

Grin completely gone.

“So you’re saying that I DON’T work full time???!”

“No. . .I’m not saying that,” clearing throat, “just that she gets p. . . “

Drew, who had been in the room this entire exchange suddenly pipes up, “Hey, Dad, what do you want to drink for dinner?”

Said I to my son, “You mean to enjoy in that grave he was just digging himself?”  Drew just gave me a half grin, but I heard Tyler hee-hawing in the other room.

Jay did the dinner dishes last night.  😉


Speaking of Jay, he had his retirement ceremony last week.  I, of course, did not attend.  They like to “recognize” the spouses, and I prefer NOT to be recognized.  I grabbed a shot of him before he left though.


I should explain that I”erased” his name (safety and all).  I think I should also explain that he’s a Warrant Officer (WO).  Not all services have these.  WOs like to pretend they’re the “cool kids” in the service, thus the hand in the pocket.


I shall leave off with one last photo.  Tyler snapped it from inside our house, so the “fogginess” that you see is from the screens.

My family loves to imagine what critters may say to each other in such situations.  It adds for a great deal of hillarity.  This particular photo has had a lot of comments added to it here on the homefront. 

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2 comments on “Scattered

  1. se7en says:

    Love your scattered post and snapshot of life! Don’t I relate about those dishes… My husband just got me up (it’s 5:30, pitch dark, mid-winter, freezing). So that I don’t miss putting the garbage out for the truck by six… hmmm he was awake already!!! Perhaps if I was a working mother I wouldn’t have to do this…I am going on a job search right now. Thank-goodness for the internet because the rest of the world is definitely unconscious! I really hope you are feeling better soon it is dreadful to feel dreadful and to still have to clean up!!!!

  2. Kathy says:

    I love these snapshots, too. They’re just the sort of nitty-gritty life that so many of us love to read–‘cuz they’re so familiar. Sure hope that by now you’re feeling better…and the rest of the family is contributing to the post-dinner clean-up more regularly.:-)

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