I know, I know

It seems like I’ve totally neglected everything, but that truly isn’t the case.  Most people claim summer is their “relax” time, but it’s the busiest time for me it seems.

Anyway, my little guys are at VBS this week, so I have a couple of goals, and one of them is to get semi-caught-up here.

But first, I absolutely, positively have to clean my floors!  (That and help Tyler with his math.)

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3 comments on “I know, I know

  1. donna says:

    My kids are at VBS this week too…and so I am getting to work on their schedules. I told you that I was thinking of doing PH Science Explorer Earth Science next year and was so excited to see your schedule. As luck would have it, (or not) I received the books I ordered from PH and of course they have changed their text a little. Seems like the pages numbers have changed and they added some different material. So it looks like I will have to start from scratch on my own schedule. Oh well 😦 BUT I did see your lightning literature schedule. I have never heard of it and then set out to investigate and I think we will try it for next year and I’m SURE I can use your schedule for that!

  2. that about sums it up for me too… the busiest time. Still schooling, SUPPOSED to be gardening. Baby calf to feed and care for, grass to be cut, a messier than ever (with the wet/dirty outdoors being traipsed in) house to clean, building project and major reno’s on the go… I feel like a spinning top!

  3. mothernaturesgarden says:

    Just stopped by to see what is going on with you and the family. Life is rolling merrily along I see.

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