And so it continues

I think my big problem is that I’m still around enough publicly schooled people that I believe the bunk about summers being relaxing.

Summer is my absolutely BUSIEST time of year (other than December).  Someone please remind me of that as April hits next year!

Oh, and did you realize it’s almost JULY???  Yep, which means I’m behind in my plans, again.

What’s worse, last week I kind of had a list of what remained to be done.  Except, I either forgot to write it down, or lost it. . .the story of my life.


We are on the lookout for a new church.  We’ve been going to the current one for about 18 months.  I’ve been feeling it wasn’t the right one for us for quite some time, and Jay has come to agree.

Yesterday was our last day there and my last day teaching Sunday School.  It wasn’t terribly hard knowing I’d never see those kids again.  I mean, that’s something I’m very used to (leaving).  Not that you ever like it, but with military life you most assuredly get used to it.

Yet, there was one child (maybe two) that I really regret leaving.  A young girl — shier than anything.  I’ve known her the entire time I’ve been there.  For the first year she she would stand away from all the other children and just cry buckets of tears.  I’ve been working with her as I can, and for the first time ever, yesterday of all days, she spoke.  Not just “hello”, but a whole string of excited chatter.  Just telling me this and that.  I even got her to play with another kid on a couple of different games.

There’s another child there that has a serious speach problem.  Oof!  And whenever people would get frustrated with understanding him, he would come to me to “translate”.

I know the other teachers. . .  I know their hearts are in the right place, but I hope that they find it within themselves to learn some patience and understanding with these two.


So now the search begins.  You know, I have to tell ya, one of my least favorite things in life is searching for a church.  It ranks right up there with. . . (thinking about it, I don’t necessarily want to write down what it compares with in my mind, as it just feels so wrong comparing “church” — even though I mean the search thereof — with something so foul.) 


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One comment on “And so it continues

  1. Anonymous says:

    Have the family pray and ask God where He would have you go to church and you will be sure to get to the exact right place.

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