Icing on the cake

One of the things that has been keeping me busy this summer is a cake decorating class.

As it happened, a young friend of mine, “Lit’l Bit”, wanted to take this class and it sounded like great fun to me, so we’re doing it together.

We’ve gone twice and it’s been an absolute blast.  She and I have our own table so we just laugh it up the whole time.  She gets my jokes — imagine, someone who thinks I’m funny!  (Speaking of funny, we did clowns last week.)

We also discuss our creations, flaws and ideas.  I tell ya, if you are ever looking to take this class I would suggest trying to go with a younger person.  I say this because there are 13 other people in the class and they do exactly what the teacher tells them.  Lit’l Bit and I (though the “I” here is to a much smaller degree than she) get creative with it.  I LIKE that!

Now, here’s a bit of an oddity.

My family LOVES pies. . .cakes. . .mmm, not so much.

To top that off (pun intentional), my family really DOES NOT LIKE icing.

Yep, I’ll just let that one clatter around in your head for a bit. . .

We do like looking at decorated cakes; and I’ve been known to do a few, but you’ll almost always find the icing pushed off to the side when the plate is taken to the sink.

Anyhoo. . .

I have to tell you the icing that this lady has us making for our class. . .is totally “gag-me”.  It’s a version of buttercream.  Except, because she wants it pure white we use shortening instead of butter.  Ummm, that’s gotta be good for your insides!  AND she wants us to add marshmallow cream.  BLECH!

To keep me from gagging, Lit’l Bit has taken to making the icing for both of us at her house.  Something I’m ever so grateful for!

Anyway, I’ve been looking for substitute icing recipes.  I found this cake decorating site, which was informative, but not exactly what I was looking for.  I don’t know that I could explain exactly what I’m looking for. . .something healthier, perhaps?  Not so icky-sweet?

So, I opted for a cream cheese recipe.  (Which is the very same recipe my mom gave me eons ago, and that I use faithfully on all my carrot cakes.)  It’s also terrible for you (healthwise), but my kids like it, and it’s not so sickenly sweet.

Lit’l Bit came over the other night and we gave the cream cheese frosting a test drive.  We liked it better in a lot of respects (easier to squeeze out of the bag, more smooth consistency, taste, etc.), but it failed in a big way in that we can’t get it to “stand up”.  We need something more stiff.

Thus, the search continues.  And I thought that maybe someone here would have a recipe they could share?

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