Ooof, this “retirement” is killing me!


The other day Jay asked me if there was ever a day that went by that he did not drive me, in some way, nuts.

I immediately responded, “Yes, there are those days.”

To which he wanted to know *when*.

“Oh, you know, when you’re deployed or TDY somewhere. . .”

Jay didn’t find that nearly as humorous as I did. . .


Okay, for the record Jay doesn’t officially retire until 1 Aug ’09.  The thing is he’s being given 20 days permissive TDY and 10 days of outprocessing.

And he finished his outprocessing in 3. . .(last week)

Thus, the man is home ALL the time.  And he keeps getting on MY computer. . .and sleeping in. . .and pulling kids at random moments to do things.

And immediately after lunch, just like the teenagers, he wants to know what’s for dinner!  And then, what’s for dessert.

Oh, and you know the movie scenes where you see someone clear out their workspace?  And they have one poorly packed box of jumbled momentoes on their way out the door?

Yes, well, Jay came home with FIVE (5) very neat, tightly packed boxes of such crap stuff!

I think he realized yesterday how close he’s coming to strangulation, as he has decided to work on his car and fix some major part.  (It started as getting the rotors resurfaced, but has now turned into some massive thingy that I don’t even want to know the boring details thereof.)

The little guys are back in VBS this week, so I’m going to attempt to get some serious work done during the mornings and possibly get caught up (*gasp!*) on some stuff.

Wish me luck!  (And if you feel so inclined, pray for the safety and well-being of my darling husband. . . )


One comment on “Ooof, this “retirement” is killing me!

  1. donna says:

    That just makes me giggle. Its like you have added another child to your family. My husband has years of experience in knowing how to fly under my radar. Thank goodness for home depot where he will often just disappear to for hours at a time. They know him on a first name basis down there 🙂

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