can’t figure it

I’ve been trying to figure out where I’ve been “wasting” time this week.  I was truly hoping to get a whole heck of a lot more done than I’ve been able to do.

I’ve spent my mornings wisely.  Working with the older kids on their school, cleaning the house.  Keeping my “personal” computer time to an hour or less.  (Tell ya, you could get on the homeschool forums and spend ALL day there if you’re not careful!)

Then, I’ve been taking the kids to the pool every afternoon.  I know that’s a big time killer, for although I bring my research books and notebook, there are lots of distractions.  So while I get some things done it’s not as “effective” as it could be.  Then, I get back home and there’s dinner and dishes and laundry, and more research on the computer. . .

So, why am I not seeing progress???

I mean, I see progress in some areas.  My house is essentially clean.  My bedroom is all sorted out — Jay’s stuff from work that he had dropped in there, all the clothes the boys had piled in there (the seasonal drop-offs of too smalls), etc.

Yet, all the scheduling I’d wanted to get done. . .   Or the research. . .


And now a kid is hassling me about breakfast.  So, I’m off to spin my wheels for yet another day.

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