The lesson of ownership

I have noticed a “flaw” in the character of my children.

I find it rather a “large-ish” one, but it is one well hidden.


Parent to child:  “Have you done your chore today?”

Child in response:  “Ooooh, I’ll go do that now.”

Did you see it????!!!!  Tell me you saw it.

The child did not own up to the fact that they did, in fact, NOT do the chore.  That was “implied”, but not “owned”.

See, my husband doesn’t really see it.  He’s starting to (if only to stop having to hear me harp on it), but he still doesn’t see it as a “big” deal.

‘Course, if he ever has to ask a child if he got a girl pregnant and the child responded with something along the lines of, “It was an accident,” then he’d see it as a big deal.

Oh, but I do agree the chore one isn’t a big deal, the concept is, though.

For example, yesterday.

Mom to child:  “Did you hit this boy?”

Child to Mom:  “I defended myself.”

Mom to child:  “Did you hit him?”

Child to Mom:  “I only defended myself.”

Mom to child: “Did you use your fist,”  visual demonstration of what a fist is, “and push it with great force onto this child’s body.”

Child to Mom:  “Yes.”

See now, I believe, strongly, that one can “defend” ones’ self without actually throwing a punch.  (Especially, when the “attacker” is only 4 years old and half your size.)

Honestly, after getting all sides of the story, I’m inclined to believe that Garrett was actually attempting to protect Mikhail.  The 4 year old, by his own admission, had gotten mad at Mikhail and started hitting him.  But. . . GEEZ!

I tell ya, being a homeschooler is hard.  I say this, because all too frequently I hear other parents tell me that they couldn’t do it.

News Flash:  Being a parent is much harder.

PS I am not in any way attempting to say that everyone should homeschool their kids.  It’s not for everyone.  I’m just pointing out that in the grand scheme of things, from my viewpoint, being a parent is a much tougher job.

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3 comments on “The lesson of ownership

  1. se7en says:

    I just love this post… I am working on ownership round here at the moment… BIG PROJECT… my kids are very quick to announce that someone did something, but less enthusiastic when it comes to: I did that and I am sorry… or my worst a bystander (and we have about five for each and every incident… and a bystander jumps in with “righteous” anger – hang on, it is not your problem and you reaction is not very righteous!!!

  2. Sarah F says:

    That sounds like what we’re going through around here. I just didn’t call it ownership. I call it, answer the question I asked you.

    Sorry I’ve been gone. I’ve missed reading you, and will explain later.

  3. Sunshine says:

    Oh gosh, I laughed so hard reading this one. You sure you didn’t carbon copy our house & put it in your post? 😉 I don’t know how long it’s going to take me to catch up here, but I do apologize for being absent for so long. 🙂 (see, I owned it) 😀

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