It’s really not that complicated

You hear men go on and on over how complicated women are.  There are entire books written for them to help them understand.

Geez, guys, it’s really not so hard.

I think the problem is that a woman is not writing the books.  And they don’t have the right title — so men aren’t actually reading the books that are out there (the women are though, which is completely backwards).

The book title for men should be something along the lines of:

If you want more sex, then. . .

THAT would definitely increase the male readership!

Luckily, today, I’m about to offer a few tips to all men out there — for FREE!  Better yet, I’ll be short, sweet and to the point.

Tip #1

Should the husband be off work for whatever reason, (weekend, vacation, RETIREMENT) and the wife is still “working” (and being a stay at home mom MORE THAN qualifies) then the man needs to “pitch in”.

Don’t sit there and think you deserve to sleep in every day and then go doing your own things whilst leaving her to continue on in the drudgery of her work.  Trust me, no matter how early you had to rise every day of your working career it will NEVER equal all the sleepless nights your wife spent with the children in various forms of distress (hungry, sick, scared, etc.).

Don’t make the excuse that housework is “no fun”.  HELLO!?  Have you ever heard a woman say she LOVES to clean house????  I haven’t.

Oh, but if your wife has a chore that she does “enjoy” or doesn’t mind doing, then don’t butt in and try to take it over.  (Mine is laundry and NO you can’t fold near as well as I can.)  Find your own chore to “enjoy”.  I would highly recommend vacuuming.  Just remember, you are an adult and thus vacuuming AROUND things is below your “skill (age) set”.  I’ve timed it and it’s 90% pick-up and 10% actual work.  Maybe this will help you remember why your wife is so fanatical about having the kids pick up ALL their toys every night.

Tip #2

If you still have children at home, offer to help out with them.  Chauffeur, supervise, entertain, etc.  ‘Nuff said.

Tip #3

Find out the agenda for the day.  Preferably before you go throwing it all to Hades.  Any appointments?  What about school?  Maybe you could help out with dinner?

Tip #4  (Last one)

Trust me, your wife knows you have things you want to do!  Take one second and remember she has things she wants to do as well.  Then act accordingly.


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3 comments on “It’s really not that complicated

  1. Sunshine says:

    LMBO! 😉 Love you girl! 🙂

  2. Jeanne says:


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