Woot! WOOT!

Doin’ a happy dance that is seriously embarrassing all my children!

Okay, so Drew is starting his senior year of high school.  (Good night I’m old!

Well, kids have the opportunity to take concurrent enrollment here with the local colleges.  (Not free, but discounted — though we didn’t know that.)

So after much gnashing of teeth I finally forced convinced Drew that this may be the best way to go for him, especially with my math issues.

Now, in order to take concurrent enrollment (and even graduated high school students have to do this) you have to take and pass a placement test for math and English.

Well, we haven’t known anyone to pass them both the first time round (you are allowed to take it twice).  We know a few that passed both the second time round, and a few that passed one or the other, but no-one we know has passed them both the first time round.

Well, Drew did it!  He passed them both!  First time go!!!


Not only that but he advanced a couple of levels in college math.  The counselor, after looking at his scores, said that Drew totally nailed the test.

So, Drew is now registered to take English 101 and Pre-Calc. (don’t know that #).

And Drew, even though he really isn’t saying anything, seems to be pretty darn happy with himself.  (Don’t tell him I said so, though, as he’d surely get his grumpy “game face” back in place.)

Oh, and the counselor told Drew that he could thank his Mom for his fantastic education!  Yep, I’m expecting that to come to pass in about 40 years. . .

I’m feeling the need to go boogie!


3 comments on “Woot! WOOT!

  1. Laura says:

    WooHoo! That is wonderful! It is nice to get some confirmation that you have made a difference. And to see him get the affirmation he deserves, outside evidence that he really is learning this stuff well.


  2. Ruth in NC says:

    Both of my teens thanked me with their first community college class. They were astounded at how poorly prepared the other students were.

  3. Sunshine says:

    GREAT job Ma! 🙂 You rocked it and so did he! 🙂

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