Time Minder — Day 1

I mentioned taking stock of how I spend my time.  Well, I’m adding day one here.  Don’t yet know if I’m going to do this for a full week, but we’ll see.  Maybe I’ll do it, but not post it. . .

Time Activity
0700-0715 get up, get coffee, open all 1st floor windows. gave morning hugs to all awake family.
0715-0810 read email / blogs – responses as needed – took 10 minute break to wait for coffee to brew as Jay had grabbed all the rest of the first pot (goober).
0810-0845 blog entry – 2
0845-0900 strip and remake bed whilst playing with cat


0900-0930 sales circulars and coupons
0930-1000 started two loads of laundry and morning prep.
1000-1005 email check and this update
1005-1110 prepped next module for Tyler’s science – whilst dealing with fights / arguments and remote-control car issues
1110-1120 folded 1st load of laundry, 2nd in dryer (2 more to do this eve)
1130-1205 lunch.  This included me fussing at Jay for going shopping.  More precisely for going shopping without telling me where.  In fact, I did know where he was going, but he decided to add to that and went somewhere that I have a list for.  Had he called me with his cell-phone (which he had with him) I could have given him the list and saved myself the time.  This is one of our big “retirement” issues.
1205-1305 Research on “Berengia”.   Jay has said he would take boys to pool today to give me time to work.
1310-1325 boys just left, now looking up retirement shadow boxes
1325 Just ran into a large-ish problem for shadow box.  A friend offered to do it, which I was happy to accept, but just looked down in Jay’s goodie box and realized he’s pulled aside a great number of items for a shadow box.  (As in, won’t fit in standard sized military shadow boxes.  Cuz, he’s a pack rat.)  Need to ponder this. . .
1337-1400 researching tundra; ice age
1400-1430 laid down and rested my eyes – tried to pet the dodo cat who loves attention, but doesn’t want YOU to know that.  This results in two very frustrated parties.  Tried to consider how to tackle my next writing section. . .still undecided so. . .
1430-1500 had a spoonful of peanut butter with chocolate chips (energy, ya know), took dog outside to comb last year’s winter coat that has suddenly decided to “release”.   Came inside and pet both kitties who love attention and don’t mind that you know that as it gets them more of it.  (Will make the comment that they are both female and are showing a great deal more sense than the stupid male.)
1500-1630 set-up Yahoo Group for homeschool co-op  (intimidating, but done with invites sent out)  It actually only took less than 10 minutes to set it up – the rest was getting all the information on there.
1630 The joke around here is with the new church congregation in the neighborhood (my “backyard”, more precisely) no-one needs to go to church.  They have a superb sound system but no A/C, so they have all the windows and doors open.  (we have a similar problem minus the sound system) They are VERY active and are currently having a service, making it nearly impossible to concentrate.  I will be glad when the temps cool off enough for their windows and doors to be shut.
-1715 made lemonade, got some research notes done.  Service is still going – can’t think, so am off to make dinner.
1715-1830 dinner
1830-1915 started 2 loads of laundry – 1st in dryer
1915-2015 map-work  (this actually involves the creation of a map – just shoot me now!)  Jay now says he has proof that I’m insane. . .
2015-2030 tuck little guys in bed
2030- start reading library book I had forgotten I had checked out.
2230 Read 100 pages of The Copper Scroll.  Also took time out to watch the cops chase someone and grab them at the corner of my neighbor’s home.  (just across the street)  There are now 3 cop cars at the corner, and I’m still uncertain as to who they have nabbed or why.
2230-2300 close and lock all 1st floor windows and prep for bed.


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