Time Minder — Day 2

I suppose some may be wondering why I am so brazen as to write, here, my “secret” plans.

It’s easy enough.  Jay “doesn’t like [my] writing style” so he never reads my blog. 😉




0638-0654 woke up and laid in bed discussing the day’s plans with Jay (we are getting better at this!)
0655-0815 downstairs to open all windows and get a cup of coffee – morning computer work (I have to email 2 people, I remember one of them, but I’m totally drawing a blank on the second)  AHA!  Remembered them both and completed that.  Wrote blog post
0815-0900 breakfast, discussion with Jay
0900-1030 weeding garden (BLAH!) took a 20 min. phone call in the middle to talk about homeschool order and class requirements.
1030-1100 prep honeydew and cherries (sadly neither of these are from the garden; rather, the store)
1100-1330 hmmm, where did the time go?  Being sneaky and planning Jay’s party, getting stuff together for his retirement present – heart jumping every time I hear a noise.  Ate lunch.  Did “morning prep”. (no sense doing it before working in the garden, right?)
1330-1345 mapwork
1345-1355 pool prep
1400-1720 pool – discussed state study class with the other mom running it, and then further planned Jay’s party.  Also snuck some items to a friend that is putting together a retirement box for Jay.  Please note, I was planning on doing a shadow box for Jay, as I consider it a big deal, except Jay caught wind of it and started telling me all that he wanted to include.  I determined that with all that he wanted to put it the dimensions of the shadow box would be feet by feet (rather than inches by inches) and take up an entire wall.  (I have mentioned before that the man is a pack rat, right?)  I also determined that it was going to be freakin’ expensive.  Well, then our good friend volunteered to do one for Jay.  An answered prayer, I tell ya!  Because, Jay wouldn’t dream of griping to a friend that it wasn’t what he wanted.  And there is hope that once he has one, maybe he’ll be content with that.
1730-1900 dinner prep / dinner
1900-2020 walk
2020-2200 read 78 pages of book.  Was interrupted a lot by Drew who wanted to discuss Hunt for Red October (the book) which he just recently read (and I read when he was a baby).  I’m thinking to be able to discuss this book I’ll need to re-read!  I didn’t realize it would cause him so much grief.

I was awake a good portion of last night due to bad dreams on the part of my little guys, so I’m behind in my day, so I need to be dashing off.

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One comment on “Time Minder — Day 2

  1. Fiddledeedee says:

    Oh, that made me chuckle. My husband only reads my blog to check my facts. 🙂

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