Surprise!!! (???)

Either Jay is really clueless about today’s scheduled activity, or he is the world’s best faker.

And I have mentioned before that I’ve only been able to pull off a surprise for him once before, right?

I even had to withhold my parents’ gift to him on his birthday to help with this surprise.  (He received a monetary gift and wanted to buy a shadow box for his military stuff, but I had to remind him he still hasn’t received all his gifts. . .)

Luckily, my parents are “cool” with me pulling such stunts.

This whole week has been about “truth” though.  I find it easier to work that way.

My biggest flub up was leaving the grocery list lying around as I was dashing through the house looking for my husband’s car keys.  He saw “shrimp” and “rib-eye” on the list.  Not normal purchases, I can tell you!  So, I had to tell him, that I hadn’t found the shrimp in the store yet (we just happened to have switched to a different commissary), and I wanted to price the rib-eye.

I did both of those things — found the shrimp and priced the rib-eye.  Then, promptly bought those, along with all the other party / food items, and paid for them before I paid for our regular groceries.  I even took all the food / party items to a friends house, who volunteered to help me out.

Friday, I told him I was going down to watch my friends baby was she was taking a nap.  The friend was taking all our kids to the pool.  This was true.

But, it was also true that while there, I decorated the cakes that I had made early Friday morning while he was at a nursing program orientation.

My older two boys have known all along and have been helping out where /when they can.  My younger guys just found out yesterday (and threatened with bodily harm should they spill the beans) and are currently upstairs cleaning their room. 

And to clarify, I would never harm my children for letting a surprise party slip.  They were just very sternly told to keep it to themselves.

Now the big problem of the day, is the 90% chance of rain.  And the fact that all the meats requiring grilling.  And of all the people we are inviting, we are the only ones that own a grill.  Thus, the suspicion that Jay is the only one to know HOW to grill.

And, of course, if it’s raining, it also means that Jay will be around the house all day. . . .

I’ve gotta get off and clean now.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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