The Surprise Party — part 1

Okay, I’m going to have to upload photos from the party, but this gives you a good idea of the day.



0650-0700 wake, go downstairs and open all windows, get coffee
0700-0740 read email, write blog post, feed little ones, get them started on cleaning
0740-0800 go get 2nd cup of coffee, realize guys are done cleaning what I asked them to do (their room on the 3rd floor) and have moved on to the 1st floor.  Take time to help them pull all the toys into the center of one room, so they can work on getting rid of their piles.  Also helps ensure I sweep under all the furniture down there.
0800-0805 hunt for missing coffee cup
0805-0830 finish reading email.  There’s a cat we call “Smokey” roaming the neighborhood.  It’s a boy. . .ahem. . .Anyway, something happened to his eye.  It was killing me as I wanted to take him to the vet and get him taken care of.  Just got an email from the neighborhood association list.  A family found him, grabbed him, took him to the vet – his eye was punctured, and they “fixed” him.  I mean, they really “fixed” him – his eye and, er, the lower end.  They also tested him for communicable diseases, and had all his shots given.  They want to give him to a good home.  Very cool, though, as a great number of people from the neighborhood have volunteered to help pay for the vet expense.  And everyone else said they’ve been seeing him around (some have been feeding him), and everyone else calls him “Smokey” too! 

Bummer, it’s still calling for 80% chance of rain.  Of course, right now the sun is brightly shining and there is nary a cloud in the sky.  Please, oh please, let it rain before the party!!!  (Or at least take a break while the food is on the grill!)

0830-1005 Started a load of laundry, folded two loads, talked to Tyler and his BFF (who spent the night – on the pretense of everything being “status quo” – he and his family are in on this).  Vacuumed all the carpets in the house, this included some minor maintenance on the vacuum cleaner itself. Still finding odds and ends toys all over. . .

 Moved load over to dryer.  Weather is still saying 80% chance of rain.  BLAH!

1010- Going to clean hard floors in house now.  Jay may normally be suspecting something, except for the fact that the dog’s shedding has gotten horribly worse this week.  It’s driving us all insane.  The dog was taken out first thing this a.m. and vigorously combed, so my cleaning the floors just makes sense.  Right???
1330 hard floors cleaned, went to friend’s house under the pretense of discussing our state study.  We did that and made “frog-eye salad” for tonight.  Also finished the Heath Delight.  Came home and made lunch (ate that).  Reminded Jay that I had asked him to grill out the chicken tonight, and asked if that would be a problem given the weather.  He said, “No problem, I’ll just move the grill under the awning.”  WAHOO! Then, I said,   “Hey, remember those brats I bought a couple of weeks ago?  Maybe I could pull those out of the freezer, and we could grill those too, and then I won’t have to cook tomorrow.”

 And, he said, “Mmmmm.”

 Brats and chicken are now in the process of thawing (as are the steaks and the shrimp over at friend’s house).

 My older boys were not at all pleased at how I scheduled the “surprise” part of this party.  So, we changed things and called all the guests and asked them to meet at our friend’s house and then all walk over here.  (This will also help my friend out as she has so much stuff to bring over.)

 House is still not 100% clean, but at this point I’m just doing bits and pieces, so as to not, hopefully, draw attention to it.  I’m currently on the computer as Jay said I could have time this afternoon to schedule.  I have the book sitting in my lap.

 I’m having a really hard time believing I may just pull this off!

-1504 Okay, the downstairs is cleaned.  The only thing remaining is the bathroom, and the kitchen floor.  Will have to fit that in a little later on.
1523 EGADS!  I can’t think straight!!!!
1543 kitchen floor cleaned, 1st floor bathroom cleaned.  Microwave cleaned.  Older boys are cleaning 2nd and 3rd floor bathrooms now. It’s muggy, but no rain.

 Now, I’m GOING to SCHEDULE if it kills me.  If only so I wasn’t lying when I told him that I would be.

1615 put make-up on; haven’t made any headway on schedule.  It’s seriously looking like rain.  I even hear thunder.  Just occurred to me, Jay has been working outside all day.  I’m having a rough time figuring out how to get him inside and showered before company comes! Suddenly praying for a burst of rain!
1640 Finished scheduling one chapter.  Rain has not yet happened, but it’s sounding / looking threatening.  Trying desperately to figure out how to get Jay inside.  Oh, goodie, it looks like Jay is cleaning up to come inside!
1710 I’m pretty darn sure the goober is on to me.  Waiting for guests.
2250 Guests have left.  Jay was on to me, but just in the last 30 minutes before they arrived.  A good time was had by all and Jay is ecstatic with his shadow box! It rained the entire time Jay was cooking and we were eating — then it stopped.  Of course.

We had plenty of food, and I don’t have to cook tomorrow!!!

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One comment on “The Surprise Party — part 1

  1. se7en says:

    Oh I have loved the suspense!!! How did he find out eventually? My husband and I have a strict “no surprises” policy – we work better as a team so surprises by one of us were always a complete disaster – never working out as planned, always disappointing… Clearly you have the knack!!! We don’t even keep gifts a surprise because inevitably he will buy the exact same thing two days before his birthday when I bought it six weeks previously… open the package and neither of us can return it… no. We work better on no surprises!!! I just can’t believe you pulled so much of this off!!!

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