Can’t decide

Okay, I’ve been up over an hour now and I can’t decide if I should schedule today, or clean the school room.

Let me ponder that a bit more. . .


Oh, I forgot to tell you how the written driver’s exam for Drew went.

Well, he had to get 85% of 20 questions correct (17).

The test was done on computer.

It cut him off at 17 questions.

And he was furious, as he wanted to know if he could have “aced” it. 😉

He and Jay went out driving for an hour yesterday.

For the record, should Drew – or anyone else – come to me and say something about “apron strings” at a later point in time. . .

I threw that darn “apron” away this summer! 

I’m just waiting for someone else to realize he can “fly” on his own.  I’m giving him a year to do so. 

Then, I’ll play “momma bird” and give a real firm push.


Nuts, still can’t decide where to put my energies. . .

Think I’ll go pester Jay.  😉

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