My Goodness!

So, I finally got the Physics schedule done and posted, and you could not imagine the weight that feels lifted off my shoulders!

Good gracious!  I knew I was dragging my feet about it, but I didn’t realize how incredibly hard it was for me till I finished it.

Science schedules only come after history schedules in difficulty / effort.  (And really, it’s not even a fair comparison, as a year’s history schedule can easily take me months; whereas a science schedule consumes just a few weeks.)

Thankfully, I had the wisdom to complete Drew’s history schedule BEFORE the science schedule.  I think if I had waited till after the completion of the science schedule, I’d currently be in tears.  But, now I want to just schedule, Schedule, SCHEDULE all the other little things that need to be done around here. . .

Except we have family obligations today. . .

Have a great weekend everyone!

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