First Day!


My “baby”, Drew, (the oldest one) is off to his first day of college. 

And I was okey-dokey with that.   It’s a positive move forward.

But, then Jay threw a kink in the works saying that he wanted to ride bikes to school today.

And I was fine with that, because Drew would be riding in with Jay, but riding back by himself.

They even did a practice run, last week.

Hmmm, I should also mention that this is Jay’s first day of nursing school.

Thing is, Jay is terribly excited about this whole new adventure in his life, and Drew just is. . .well, not so much.

So, Jay said he was leaving at 0700 today, and Drew decided he wasn’t riding in with Jay after all.

And suddenly, I’m not so okey-dokey anymore.

Tyler is currently breathing down my back, and trying to correct my grammar / spelling.

Drew just left, and I felt like I did when he left for his first day of pre-school.

It didn’t help that I could hear the anxiety in his voice.

I know he’ll be fine.  I know this will be “empowering” for him.  I know many things. . .

Lord, please don’t let a driver hit him!  (And it would be terribly nice right now if we didn’t live right along a main ambulance route that has been very busy this a.m.)


We are starting our first day of school today too.  It should be interesting as I haven’t yet had a chance to clean the school room, and it’s a catastrophe area.  I don’t have the schedules all done either.  ** chuckle** (and people think I’m organized!)

I have a cold. . . that’s why I’m sniffling so much.  Or maybe it’s allergies, which would explain my “teary” eyesYep, definately one of those things.

Oh, I have finally started writing that book.  I even started a blog page for it; yet, right now, there’s hardly anything there.  I’m considering posting my preface there. . .I don’t know what purpose that would serve though, so maybe I won’t.

Okay, at this point Drew should be at the school.  I asked him to call and let me know he made it safe, he hasn’t.  I’m thinking it’s the anxiety, so I’m trying to calm myself with that.  Class is supposed to have started, so I’m truly hoping he’s there!

I need to get my day started.

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One comment on “First Day!

  1. se7en says:

    Oh good grief… one step at a time!!! I would have snuck an extra week to organize so well done to you for diving in! I hope everything goes well and everyone is safe and sound.

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