I’m feeling mightily overwhelmed right now.  I was trying to figure this out yesterday, and I was able to pawn a good portion of it over to my cold.  (It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you aren’t functioning at 100%.)

The sad thing is, though, that much of my overwhelm-ment is the fact that I have too many irons in the fire.

So many, in fact, that I can’t even name them all.

Due to my cold, and the fact that I wasn’t completely with it this week I determined to make this week just 1/2 days for the younger two.  (The older two have full schedules.)  That gives me some time.

So, today, time will be spent naming all those “irons” and perhaps prioritizing them.

Well, that and grocery shopping. . . and school. . . and housework. . .and. . .

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