What kind of sense is that???

So, yesterday Drew came home from school saying he was going to need to visit the math teacher’s office.  He’s been able to do the homework fine, thusfar; however, she keeps saying, in class, that this should all be review from the previous math course.  Additionally, she keeps mentioning that they should be able to use their graphing calculator to check their work. . . we still haven’t figured out how to use that thing!

And, in a momma’s moment of pride, I shall remind you that he tested into this course, thus has not had the experience of any prior courses.

Well, some of the problems are indeed review for him, but some he has yet to see before.  And he is showing a great deal of wisdom in seeking out the teacher before he gets stuck, IMO.

*sigh* Pride is gonna get me in this post, isn’t it???


So, I decided to pull the Saxon Caluclus book off the shelf.  (That made sense to me as he is taking pre-calc. in college. . .and the only other math book that might qualify is that dreaded, and ambiguous math book, “Advanced Mathematics”.)

I would like to take a moment to point out, that according to Saxon, Advanced Mathematics is to be taken before Calculus.  And I would also like to say that Adv. Math was the serious pain in the keister for us, because it seemed to be working under the assumption that we knew how to work a graphing calculator — and we didn’t because it had never been introduce before.  (And, remember, I had discovered that the user manual for said calculator was over 600 pages long!)

And, guess what???!!!  The Calculus book is an entire introduction to the graphing calculator!  I just want to scream!

Now, I do know that Saxon has completely re-worked their upper level math books.  For instance, “Advanced Mathematics” no longer exists.  Hopefully, they will have worked out that nasty kink as well.

Yet, since I had the book out anyway, I went ahead and scheduled Calculus, and it’s now up on my blog.  (Funny, that pretty soon my blog will start seriously dating me.)


I got my workable list printed out of everything that needs to be done.  You have no idea how good that felt!  Suddenly, it seems, I am able to “see” what needs doing. . .

Of course, I can “see” that the school room needs a serious cleaning, but because of that sight, it’s very hard for me to “see” other items which are a bit more time important.  The list has helped infinitely with that!

I have 5 items that I need to complete by this Sunday. . .

Bummer!  Better get a move on!


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