So, I was tapping away

on the computer, doing scheduling, when an IM pops up from my little brother.

I like to call him my “little” brother.  He is my baby brother, honestly, but with his 6’1″ frame to my 5’4″ frame. . .well, it just tickles my fancy to call him “little”.

Anyway, an IM pops up from him wondering if it would be okay to visit tomorrow.

Tomorrow as in Saturday.  As in, less than 24 hours from the time he was IMing me.

And, maybe I should describe that my little brother lives THREE time zones away from me!

So, we are absolutely expecting a guest tomorrow, which probably means that I should clean the house. . .


Oh, but I was able to finish two schedules today!  Rod and Staff is now done!  All the way through their 9th and 10th grade books.  They are even already up on the blog.

All I have left is some minor scheduling for the younger kiddoes, but that’s it.  Hopefully, I can pull that off in the a.m. before the house cleaning and the time my little brother gets here.

You all have a fantastic Labor Day Weekend!


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