Lovely weekend visit

It’s 0730 and most of my family is still asleep.  Worn out from this weekend’s activities, I suppose.  My brother is at the airport awaiting his plane and I’m working on formulating the daily plan.


It’s now 1000. . .

Don’t even ask where the time went, as I’m not 100% sure.  Drew saw me struggling with a graphic program on the computer and volunteered to try to fix the picture on another graphic program, and then one thing led to another. . .

and I was effectively kicked off the computer until just now.

So, yesterday we went on a hike:

These are my favorite kind of hikes:  trees, rocks, water. . .


Good times and smiley faces.  (That’s my brother, above.)

grand views

happy kiddoes

I was trying to photograph the spores, but I’m really including it here, because those are my Mom’s hands!  (No, really, they are mine!)

Found a number of critters

Whom, I think, would have preferred not to have been found. 😉

Please note the large smile on the face below.

Don’t know why the picture below refuses to turn right. . .

Followed the hike with a milkshake chaser. 

It was a good day.

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