The Ooooph Factor

I haven’t written in quite some time.  I’m totally blaming it on a little something that I fondly call “The Ooooph Factor”.

For example:

  • the routines you had in place that worked swimmingly for so long are found floundering in the waves of life.
  • the school schedule you had completely worked out for the year, is just NOT going to work, regardless of how hard you try.
  • your husband no longer has a set schedule and you realize just how much you desperately needed that to hang onto.
  • your house is a disaster area and you, honestly, don’t know how it happened
  • you realize that certain people in your family have gone far too long without RESPONSIBILITY
  • you remember that in giving RESPONSIBILITY there is a period of time that you must spend way too much time teaching and enforcing  that responsibility as opposed to doing it yourself.
  • you realize you still have to dole that RESPONSIBILITY out.
  • you feel the pinch of being behind in your day. . .and you’re just on your first cup of coffee at 7 a.m.
  • the next morning, you realize that 6 a.m. is still not early enough.
  • how much coffee does it take to not need sleep?
  • the older members of your family inform you that you didn’t do squat to teach them anything.
  • you try to remain calm and mature
  • you feel beaten
  • you look at this list and realize that this isn’t 1/2 of it. . .

So, my idea is that the next couple of posts are going to be “pats-on-the-back” and “works for me” kind of dealy-o’s.

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