The way to a man’s heart

They say the way to a man’s heart is food.

I’ve got 5 men very NEAR and dear to me, and I can tell you that there is a great deal of validity to that statement. I have a couple more that are dear to me, just not so near.

I actually love to bake and cook, and I used to do it rather more frequently than I do now.  In fact, it’s one of the Ooooph Factors that needs to change.  My kids are ever so much more happy when they are “well fed”.  Which makes this mamma’s life ever-so-much easier.

This weekend, I made an effort to restart the baking.

It helped that it was raining, as this is the perfect thing to make on a cool rainy day.

You have to “disect” it first — which isn’t pretty, but from a boy’s perspective is great fun.

Then, you create the masterpiece you are looking for

And add to it.  In this case it was Campbell’s broccoli cheese soup.  I mentioned restarting the baking, I haven’t gotten the whole process of baking AND cooking up and running yet.

My apologies to Campbell’s.  My family tells me that my homemade soup is ever so much better than yours.   I sure do love yours in a pinch though!

I do believe this last photo is the very favorite part of the meal for all the guys.

Okay, so here’s one item that I need to improve upon in both the actual doing and frequency / consistency thereof.

*sigh* One of many.

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