It’s 0712

and Drew is sitting here working on a math assignment.

(Garrett is downstairs eating breakfast.  Jay is off for his first day of “clinicals” — which means he’s among the general populace today.   My other two boys are still snoozing.)

Drew got his first math test back yesterday (from his college class).  (They’ve had a couple of quizzes up to this point.)   He got a 93, and is now determined to do better on the next one.  He’s one of 3 students in the class, who currently have an “A” average.

I think he’s enjoying it.

By the way, he says his grammar class (Eng. 101) is the biggest joke ever.  He comes home every day afterwards and tells us what they had to do.  Yesterday they spent the time doing a sentence fragment worksheet.  He said the first side was identifying whether sentences were fragments or not by writing a “S” or a “F” in the little blank before the sentence.  The second side was re-writing 5 sentence fragments.  Both he and Tyler had a good laugh over it.

But then Drew got all serious and said they did that worksheet as the teacher had noticed so many fragments in his students’ last essay that they had turned in last week.  I like to think it was his way of thanking me that I made sure he knew how to write proper sentences, paragraphs, etc. 

Anyway, it was a draft they turned into the teacher, and Drew got his back saying he needed more description in the first couple of paragraphs, but other than that it’s well written (it’s a descriptive writing assignment).  They have until Oct. 12 to turn in the final paper.  (Isn’t that a bit insane?!)

Speaking of insane,  Tyler is taking a writing class in co-op (he’s in his freshman year — although, in our house that’s very “vague”).  Tyler is doing a higher level of work than Drew is!  He’s only had 4 classes, and he has a short story due next week.  He’s already turned in two pages related to said story.  It’s about a clutzy basketball player.  (I don’t have the foggiest notion where he came up with such a character *cough*, *cough* ).

In Drew’s English class, they won’t even be reading a single book this semester!  It’s just 4 essays.

Well, the rest of my crew is now awake, so I had better get my day moving.

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