hey there

I’m totally psyching my Mom out with my eratic postings recently.

It is true I’m busy, and certainly a lot of my time is spent elsewhere, but really a lot of it is increased computer usage of others in this family.

Jay has totally confiscated the laptop, and will occasionally need on the main computer to print things off.

Tyler does his math on the computer, plus his writing, history papers, etc.

Drew does his history papers, government, and his rare college writing assignments on here.

The little guys just don’t get any time on the ‘puter whatsoever.  Ooh, and you should hear me!  I actually fussed at Tyler the other day for reading a book when he could be on the vacant computer getting some other school work done.  I’m still in shock over that one.

I have spent this week reminding ALL my boys (hubby included) to “chatter”.

It goes something like this:

“I have to write a paper for class and it’s due on Wed.” (Tyler)

Mom chimes in with, “That means it needs to be done and printed out by Tues.”

“by Tuesday” (Tyler — rolling his eyes, I’m sure)

“I’m writing my history essay right now.” (Drew)

“I need to hop on to print some things off.” (Jay)

“I totally claim it from 8 pm on” (Mom)

“I get it after Daddy then” (Tyler)

“I’m off!”  (Drew)

The biggest thing, really, is the claim of “I’m off”.  I get downright cranky if I discover someone didn’t claim that.

Oooh, I’ve got to be dashing off again. . .

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