too random

Don’t you just hate it when your computer is working just like it should and then there’s some automatic update which throws your computer into a massive panic attack, and suddenly things aren’t working properly?

In my imagination it is as if the “mother”board suddenly gained another 20 kids for a birthday party, or some such gathering.  (I know exactly how it feels.)

The only problem is the last update that occurred a couple of months ago has affected the way my pictures are uploaded to the computer. 

I’ve been having to do some manual mess to get my pictures on here, and I finally got irked enough to try to fix it.

You know, I REALLY don’t have time to fix screw-ups caused by automatic updates.


Do you know, I have at least twice the number of schedules on my computer as I do on here?


I spent the last two weeks creating 29 history tests for Drew.  He despises essay questions.  I tell you, I’d rather write an essay than come up with the questions!



Yesterday I was working on the final test when I heard screaming outside.  The “mom-I’m-hurt” scream.

The thing was, I knew that Jay was outside too, so I thought I’d let him get it.

Don’t ever let me do such a thing again!

Next thing I know Jay’s carrying Mikhail inside and informing me, LOUDLY, that we need to rush him to the hospital.

Mikhail was in a panic.

Mikhail had fallen and skun his knee.

Yep, told you this nursing class was going to kill me.

Jay proceeds to lay Mikhail on the bed, with pads underneath to catch the massive amounts of blood.

The wound had stopped bleeding by this point.

Then Jay pulls out ALL the first aid stuff from the cabinets, grumbling because we evidently aren’t stocked properly.

All the other boys were now in my room:  Drew and Tyler muttering about the extreme treatment, and Garrett asking if Daddy was going to operate.

Jay again tells me I need to take Mikhail to the hospital.

umm, “What for?”

“He needs stitches!”

uhhhh, “Why?”

“Because he has this gash on his knee.”

“But it has stopped bleeding.”

“Look, if you do this,” he PULLS apart the two sides of the wound (!), “it starts bleeding again.”

“Honey, I’m quite certain the one thing you should never do is FORCE a wound apart.”

“Christine, if we don’t take him to get stitches, with this gash in his knee, he will get a scar!”

“OH NO!  Why didn’t you say so?!  Yes, of course, we should take our son into the hospital for hours of waiting, exposing him to all sorts of contagions, so that he can get stitches to save him from having a SCAR on his KNEE!”

You know, come to think of it, I don’t know that I’ve heard much from Jay since. . .

 Jay did some extreme sterilizing / bandaging plus some Motrin to boot.

*sigh*  Gone are the days were a simple hug, kiss, & bandaid would have more than done the trick.

By the way, Mikhail is perfectly fine.  Right now, he’s cranky as all get out at the bandages on his knee (he’s lacking some mobility), so I’ll be removing them in short order.

I’m quite sure that Jay can’t figure out how it is our children have survived as long as they have with me as their mother.


2 comments on “too random

  1. se7en says:

    Thanks for the chuckle… I don’t even buy bandaids… I reckon bumps are part of life and have taken only one of all my kids to the doctor once. The first kid had a bump on the head and I dashed him to the doctor… where they gave me the tenth degree on his excema! Now come to think of it the father person took a kid in (!!!) for a couple of stitches no less, because I couldn’t produce a bandaid!!!

  2. Laura says:

    I’m reading in reverse order to catch up from my trip. Very funny reading the adventures, especially Jay’s exam.

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