I spent last night organizing photos on the ‘puter.

You know, I take an average of 150-200 photos per month!  If we go somewhere, it ups the tally greatly.  We’ve been on a lot of field trips this past couple of months!

Then, I realized, that when we transfered files over to the new computer from the old one that some of my pics from 2007 were lost.  Not such a horrendous loss as most of my pics are uploaded directly to Snapfish (and a number of those have been printed).  The problem is, Snapfish isn’t always so fond of letting me get them back, and it’s a long process. . .  Oh, and my Snapfish account is an organizers nightmare. . .

OH!  And then something went all wonky with the way my computer started downloading pictures from the camera to the hard-drive.  Last night I had to go through multiple copies of each picture.  Not nice!


You know 2007?  That was the last year that Drew willingly allowed me to take photos of him.  He stopped letting me, because he discovered that I posted pictures of him here, on the blog.  He blew a gasket and since then has been avoiding the camera.


Which has resulted in me taking numerous photos of him in the distance just so when we look through the albums in the future everyone will know that he did not drop off the face of the planet.

I’m sure we can make it into some sort of game, like a version of “Where’s Waldo?”  We’ll call it, “Where’s Drew?”, because we’re so terribly original like that.

Ocassionally, I get lucky and obtain a more “close-up” shot of him. . .

But, I think, from this whole past year (almost 10 months now) those are as close as I’ve gotten.

I’ve gotten very fortunate though!  Grandma Shyla has requested photos of the kids this year for Christmas!!!!

We don’t get to see Grandma Shyla that much.  In fact, it’s been 3 years.  And Drew, ornery coot that he is, has enough sense in his head that he dare not deny her request.  And I didn’t have to cajole, bribe or threaten!

So,  I’ll be taking photos of the crew shortly.

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