yai, yai, yai!

I don’t know how I managed it, but I’m quite certain we’ve done a field trip, at the very least, once every other week, but it could have been once a week thus far.  I’m not certain, but I was downloading my camera last night, and it’s time I bust and move on getting those field trip pages out!

We had friends over yesterday, as their mom was having an operation.  Managed to not only go on a field trip, but do a small study on spiders.  Not bad considering.

Course, I’m feeling like I’m not really getting any school done with the little guys.  My friend keeps telling me they are young and I can just chill, but. . .

It seems like I live with a healthy dose of “failure” syndrome every day.

How often do other homeschool parents do this, I wonder?  By “this” I mean go over what you’ve managed to cover thus far.

A friend of mine is finishing their study on Egypt.  She’s finishing it by doing a lapbook creation on Egypt.  Of her own creation!  She’s talented that way.  I would be buying a lapbook pack, and she creates her own.  It’s absolutely beautiful thusfar.

It’s kind of cool when she does something like that, though.  Ends her study with a lapbook compilation.  She is forced to see what they have covered.  What’s terribly interesting is she will fuss about a number of good things that she had to leave out (because the lapbook is getting to fat) and at the same time woe about the number of things they did not cover.

But, in the end she has a completed something!  That’s truly impressive.  I feel like, given the way I do things, there is never an end to anything.  I never have things I can say “finished” to.

It’s more than a mite bit depressing.

So, I’m going to work on those field trip pages today.  Because, I’ll be able to mark each field trip off as “done”.  And, while the field trip book as a whole may not be complete each trip is a checkmark in a little box on a list. . .and I’ll feel like I’m accomplishing something!


One comment on “yai, yai, yai!

  1. se7en says:

    Good grief we never ever do field trips – unless you call standing for three hours in the Department of home affairs registering our new born for a birth certificate… and this week we will stand for three hours in the “renew your drivers license” queue, which means in eight weeks time we have to repeat the process to collect the birth certificate and get the license endorsement – there is no other way…

    School is such a small fraction of educating, really it is a big time waster in terms of what they learn from life… I could never have taught my kids patience and how to entertain your mind while enduring mind-numbing boredom from any book – lap book or not!!!

    Hang in there – you are teaching them a whole lot more than you can imagine!!!

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