Just a wee bit


Actually, it must be more than a wee bit, because thoughts of things, like grocery shopping, are causing me grief.

I suspect it has to do with my “plate” — which runneth over.

I thought I was working on getting my plate cleared off, but it seems that everytime I turn around something else is added to it.

I honestly couldn’t even tell you if it’s me doing the adding or someone/thing else.

Like last night I went to find a digital book on my computer.  Except, apparently, I hadn’t reinstalled them on the computer since the last one died.  No problem. . .I mean, after all, the one thing I certainly learned in the military was to back things up.

So, I pulled out my disk which is very neatly precisely labeled, “digital books for school”, stuck it in the drive and. .  .

Nothing!  I mean, NOTHING!  The disk has absolutely NOTHING on it.  And by nothing, I mean it’s telling me that I can add things on it — and it’s not a R/W disk!

This caused a frantic pause in everything else I was doing and the next 2 hours were spent going through “back-up disks”.

I did find a good portion of those books on another back-up disk, but I’m not sure it was all of them. . .


Oh, and I found the maps I want to use for our State studies, but they are already pre-labeled!  What kind of sense is that???  It’s listed as a “workbook”, but there is absolutely nothing that isn’t already filled in — from the publisher.  It’s an e-book, and I have permission to screw with edit it as I please for my own “class”, but do you realize how long that will take me!!!  Why don’t they just make an honest workbook?


I’m still writing in Ch. 1 of my book.  It’s all of 5 pages now.  I keep having to set it down, to put out other fires.  Even when inspiration hits me, I can’t take the time to act on it because I’m in the middle of spelling drills or something. . .


Oh, and Garrett is having massive problems with spelling.  MASSIVE.  Which is causing me to have to think out of the box-out of the room-out of the galaxy.  I have never encountered such a problem before.


Grrr, there is so much more to list here, but I honestly don’t have time.  I’m off to take a chill pill (figuratively speaking), drink a cup pot or two of coffee, and try to get my head back in the game.

Plus, I just really have to pee.

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