Jay and I were discussing couples we know and their stories.

Specifically their different perspectives on their memories.

For example, one lady telling us of her amnesia.  According to her, it was a terribly lengthy ordeal of “total amnesia” that she passed while in the hospital.  According to her husband, the only thing she couldn’t remember was the actual head injury, and she was in the hospital overnight.

Now, in my circle of friends, almost all of them are homeschoolers, and of course that topic came up.  (We know a family were the husband requested the wife homeschool and she fought him on it for some time before giving in.)

And at some point during the conversation, Jay pipes up and says, “I learned early on that when it came to homeschool it was best for me to keep my mouth shut.”

ummm, Excuse me?!!!

“I’m sorry, but what do you mean by ‘early on’?”

“I mean, ‘from the beginning’.”

“Oh, you mean, ‘from the beginning’, when I tried to talk to you about the homeschooling option, and you said, ‘Christine, do whatever, just don’t talk to me about it.'”

“Or maybe you mean, ‘from the beginning’ in England when I tried to talk to you about curricula choices, and you said, ‘Christine, just pick what will work and don’t talk to me about it.'”

“Possibly, you mean, “from the beginning’ when I was agonizing over Tyler’s learning issues and you said, “Whatever, Christine, I don’t want to hear about it.'”

“Or maybe you mean, ‘from the beginning’ when there was the massive test of wills going on between Drew and I over his schooling and you said, “Don’t bring me into this!'”

“But, I suppose you could mean, ‘from the beginning’, for last year (8 years into this journey) when you told me, “Christine, I think you aren’t doing enough school with our kids.’  This one makes sense to me, as I do recall laying into you about how, at this point, you didn’t really have the right to put your two cents in.”

Jay was quiet.  (And I was sitting there thinking of the story of The Little Red Hen.)

Yet, I’m truly curious as to how he remembers it.

Honestly, though, I’m more curious as to rather he listened to me at all last night.


One comment on “Memories

  1. mothernaturesgarden says:

    Hang in there Little Red Hen. Roger shops for groceries now. 🙂 I can remember once long ago; however, when I asked for menu suggestions and found myself all alone in a room full of the inattentive, deaf, and dumb doing a disappearing act. Now I know menu ideas can come from magazines and such. I just had the need to feel we were in the same universe. It is time to do something special for yourself like meet a friend for lunch and leave them with the milk and cereal box.

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