I apologize, my mouth is full

So, yesterday I mentioned my “full plate”.

And, I also mentioned my goal to make it through the morning without anything else being added.

HA!~  I accomplished that goal!

I totally spent the ENTIRE morning cutting boys’ hair.  Man!  And they wonder why I’m not keen on cutting hair whenever they want it done?

However, it was an item on my plate that is now removed.

Whoop.  Whoop!

And then I went for a walk with my friend who was bemoaning the loss of her camera memory card.  Now, you have to know that this lady is terribly “tidy”, so losing things is a big deal for her.

Then again, she’s the mother of six. . .

But still, the loss of camera memory card is not something to be trifled with.  So, I volunteered my assistance.  Because, apparently, my plate is never THAT full.

I discovered that they have no way to look at pictures other than on their camera itself.  So, I asked to take all their camera cards home with me so I could examine them on the computer.  And, I found her 6 months of missing pictures.  They are now sitting in front of me on two CDs.

So, I suppose yesterday’s plate looks like +1 – 2. 

That’s better than that stupid snail that travels up a wall x inches in y hours. . .

Or wait, maybe it isn’t?  I hate math word problems.

I’m hoping for a more productive day today.



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